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On 'natural'

I don't think 'natural' is good. There are many things that we apply (some almost arbitrary) (some ignorant and backward ideas of natural and not-natural agenda-propagating) rules of morality. I think 'natural' is a political rhetoric, profoundly abused.  'Diversity' is the only defensible rhetoric for 'thinking' beings. We are not, of course, the only creatures that do thinking, but we are the only creatures with the power to oppress others and other creatures whose languages we don't understand.  Us (badly) thinking creatures, slowly, ponderously gathering the evidence of our badness (I see no reason for your (god's) patience with us), have the ability to decide to be better than (the fashionable) 'natural' of the day.  It is our responsibility to transcend our vileness. Just that. That one task. Our thinkingness I believe is for that. A world (constructed by god) to demonstrate this point. And we will find every rhetor
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#Journal ~ I stop being angry in about 10 minutes. Although it's best to not talk to me for at least 30. But I spend YEARS after that translating what you said out of your set of justifications and emojis and manipulations.  There are many versions in my head of the plainspeak thing you said. They keep Alzheimers at bay.

Religious people filling Facebook Comments with Thanks Be To Gods

Freedom Day ~ This post is so ironic. There is a Freedom to practice your religion. No one is standing in your way. We are not trying to legislate against your church, or your mosque. Your Freedom of Speech is guaranteed on your Feed, everywhere. There is plenty of Freedom To... are you going to use your Freedom To... here... to make that point. We know it. We support it. There is also Freedom From... we, who object to the data wasting that you are engaging in by calling us back to an informative post, where we hope millimetres are being posted, over and over, so that you can emphasise your Freedom To... is more than exercising your Freedom To... We have asked that you stop. Politely. And you have turned it into Hating. That is gaslighting, not Christianity.

Facebook behaving badly

So I signed Avaaz's petition to ask Facebook to clean up their act or else I will delete. Wryly. I do believe that instead of saying, "But you Dumb Fucks (that's what Zuckerberg calls us, you can check, those are the actual words) signed our terms and conditions" that the focus shouldn't fall on the victim. "You wanted to get raped, you came to the bar." The onus, the responsibility lies on the powerful to behave better. There's never an onus to behave with honor, with respect, with humanity. #RapeCulture Anyway, I tried to get people to leave and come with me to GooglePlus. "But my friends aren't there." I ran a campaign to tell people that I'm not connecting apps to Facebook because the apps demand access to my friends' accounts. My friends still didn't come to GooglePlus. The irony is I don't care about the data thing. Have my data. When I do something they don't like - be a loud fat ugly hairy man-hat

John Haggee on lesbians, a response

My response to GOP guy John Hagee: "God Made All Lesbians Flat So They Could Be Identified By Normal People Easily"... that lesbians are so flat you can't find them with a GPS. This way lesbian are unattractive to men. My response: I consider myself particularly hilly because I don't starve myself into a state of perpetual deprivation to meet the physical standards required by men who prefer their women lacking in brain function from decades-long malnutrition. Only two decades or less, if possible. #Aargh.

On the necessity of the Hate Crimes Bill

I don't agree. The systemic issues with hate crimes or plain violence are different. Just like murder is rarely a recidivist crime, rape is recidivist. By picking out the differences, treating perpetrators differently we can punish them for the correct amount of time. A guy who leaves a knife in a body he robbed should be punished differently from a man who leaves a toilet brush in a body he verbally assaulted and went home and bragged about - and his peers had a party over. These crimes are not equal. Although the collectible evidence may be. The perception of society that hate is more wrong than robbery, which it is, is also missing. law is not just for the perpetrator, it is also for the victim.       

Sexual assault

If sexual assault always affects trust, then #AllWomen are walking around with PTSD and trust issues. I for one don't let THE MANY MANY TIMES I have been sexually assaulted and various other crimes (I do live in South Africa) be a guiding factor of my life. I have consciously chosen to trust on purpose. However, only insane people close their eyes while trusting. I don't shy away from trusting, I just make sure that I let people tell me who they are, and then I LISTEN and respond.  You would be horrified, but I am not. I am NORMALIZED to this level of violence. It's natural. More sheltered people in my country have no clue what it's like to be a fully-engaged and person-on-the-street. You get used to it. Like children in war. It's the thing happening now and then that adds an anomalous punctuation to your life. You can't spend every day crying. The country is economically stuffed so you have to get on with making money, to eat. It makes you more articulate a