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The Gay Agenda

The gay people of America seem to want this simply inexcusable level of boundless, unchecked normalcy. It’s true. For some reason, they believe the utterly disgusting idea that they should be able to live their lives in peace and trust and health, with full support and assistance from their schools and hospitals and government, just like everyone else. I know. Shudder.

It is, in fact, remarkably similar to what heteros want. And women. And black people. And immigrants. And dwarves. That is, to be able to fall in love and maybe even get married (or at least have the option) and have decreasing amounts of sex and raise a family and hold down a good job and pay their taxes and argue with their lovers over who the hell spent 200 bucks on long distance to their mother, all while not having to worry about getting the living crap beaten out of them with tire chains by Arkansas and Alabama and most of Texas, or secretly loathed by small-minded pseudo-Christians who wouldn’t know Jesus’ true m…

Hikikomori are Japanese hermits created by the Internet

Are what teenage shut-ins are called in Japan. Typically male and between 15 and 30 years old they stay in their rooms playing video games and surfing, rarely eating and never speaking. They avoid contact with their pressure-inducing families and shun their pressure-inducing social roles. Afraid that they cannot achieve what is expected of them, they hide.

When I read this article in New York Times (Shutting Themselves In) I realised that there is a hair's breath sometimes between pitching daily, or staying at home.

"Gendercide by Mary Daly" - I think not, dingbat

In response to some man who first quotes his myriad 'qualifications' for being allowed to have a stupid opinion - then says that Mary Daly advocates gendercide.

The difference between advocated gendercide against women by men and advocated gendercide against men by women is that women are doing nothing wrong and men are murdering, raping and warmongering, AND are BUSY COMMITTING gendercide against women and nature just as an exercise in power. Men are doing something wrong. Anyway, the use of the word 'gendercide' to describe what Mary Daly advocates is inflammatory. Mary Daly advocates A REDUCTION in the amount of men, not by murder and rape and war, but by 'mister-ectomy' - the act of getting rid of the men in your life that coerce you into being the conduit through which they plant their sperm, they then abandon the resultant child to a woman to nurse through infancy into adulthood on her own dime. This REDUCTION in the amount of men removes murderers, rapis…