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On my atheism

Atheism is the word people use for those who don't believe. I don't study atheism like other atheists do - turning it into a discipline or... religion. I don't see the benefit of any religion, even atheism. But I won't let anyone elevate my non-belief in god to a religion. I don't want to know as little about atheism as Christians do about Christianity and call myself 'atheist' in the way that makes it sound more than an adjective. I am much more interested in Race, Politics, and Feminism. And many other things. I think the focus on religion makes it into something, something it can never be.

To a man who thinks an *eyeroll* is hate

How reductive Tim Manning. All women who don't lie before you, snatch waiting, must be man-haters. You are creating a narrative. It's a fiction. But I can make it true in your case if you work hard enough at it. Right now, you are at the *eyeroll* level, but I can take it up to the *hating* level if you work a little harder at your trolling. You don't seem to be good at it though, no threats of rape, disembowelment, mutilation - I realise that you think that hating men who threaten you is a 'surprising' reaction. Personally, I think it sane. Care to test the waters?

Tarzan and the Female Gaze (2016)

A thousand years ago I experienced the female gaze in the way described. And it had no power, it was nothing, it had no commercial validity or self-actualising ability. It was just a waste of my time. I found myself looking at the women in the scene - their cast-offness - and relating more to that. I remember when I stopped believing Steve Perry. I have to actively suspend my disbelief. I find more joy in sexual defiance, it's less irrelevant. Slightly. :)

Feminist man-hating

You know how the #Backlash paints Feminists as man haters? And how the lazy of mind siphon that stuff up? People never think about how disappointed women are when they find themselves beaten, cheated on, trapped in patriarchal boxes with shoes and razors, openly spat on in the workplace, dismissed from the tables of political influence.

Just like Whiteness is incredulous that they have to shoulder the blame for the previously-openly-hateful, so #AllMen have a responsibility to actively subvert the system they benefit from. Not many do it visibly. You, Robert, are one. Thank you.

Just like a Black person can never be racist, only damaged, so a woman can not be sexist, only damaged. Our hurt and disappointment comes from somewhere, and people who question that are suspect. No one would question the damage of Black people. And Whites are suspect and damaged as collateral damage, self-damage. So men are self-damaged. Women are not self-damaged.

There's a war against the bodies of the not…

TEDTalks. Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist

Feminism ~ #Loveit! #LoveRoxane. Witty, poetic, beautiful. • Our society is set up to make women vulnerable when they choose. • Feminists are hairy, angry, man-hating... as if those are bad things... now it seems like a rational response. • You never want to be that rebel woman until you realise you are that rebel woman. • We have the right to make choices about our bodies without legislative oversight or evangelical doctrine. • Powerful women are afraid to call themselves feminist because of repercussions (like any social pariahs) • Take BeyoncĂ© at her grown-woman word - she is a feminist.

Quitting for feminist reasons

I was so excited about this job to teach kids agency and sexual safety and the physical stuff. I'll probably end up a hobo because I can't add self-shaming to feminist-shaming. Wishes don't make stuff come true.


Please don't be cross. This is not going to work out for me as Teaching. Of course I will honor my commitment re assisting you and doing the digital things. And any other way I can help, to atone for my mistake. We'll talk further. But I wanted you to know right away about my Decision/Adjustment, so that you don't put any further effort in on my behalf. Thank you for everything. You are amazing and have done so much for me. Trust that I will put in 1000% too, to say thank you and to show my sincere regret and my sincere apology.

Mansplain Magazine (what if)

I hesitate to say it.. Vogue is worse than this almost-realized Mansplaining magazine. Worse. At least with Mansplain we can see the obvious ignorance and entitlement that lies behind their view of any subject. Somehow we fail to see the infantilizing obviousness of the media machine turning us into trivialized nonentities vapidly spending vast sums of money on our own quest for irrelevance.

The Giver (2014) critique

#Movies ~ The Giver (2014). Meryl Streep as 'god'. I have total faith in her. I believe the world would be better as-constructed. Utopia manifested. The patriarchs don't have a clue what they are doing. Their manifested Utopias fail. Soylent Green, Logan's Run, Handmaid's Tale, The Island, Minority Report... whatever. Why do we always advocate for a return to The Outside that represents The Same as Now. That's stupid. Streep has the right idea despite being shrouded with the eye-rollingly insidious trope of being The Woman Who Holds the Man Back from Duty and Greatness. Snore. They can never see that we are always right and shouldn't have to be painted the Baddy when we are saving them from their Culture of Violent Masculinity. The very war that traumatizes Jeff Bridges. But No! They are obsessed. Not Sweet Death, but trophy-hunting, limb-shredding, sex-worker-dismembering War. Snore.

Facebook UI ideas

Facebook becoming an impersonal badly-crafted article-sharing platform: One of the contributors to this problem is that when you want to share a person's comment about an article, you can't. You press Share but it shares the article and not the original comment your friend wrote, to which you might then - if Facebook had thought this through - be able to add a response to their comment - say in a box of another color. And so would start a Sharing Orgy, each comment in alternating color so that you have a banded conversation - or if three people or more join in the sharing, that each voice is color coded so that you can follow the construction of an argument by a particular person. Thereby promoting the argument-building skills of people in the world. AND if someone's comment is not helpful, not responsive, not collaborative (gets UnLikes), their color gets darker and darker, until their words are obscured and happen in their own dark room echoing in their self-created trol…

Study says atheists are Psychopaths

My comment: I find the psychopath label insulting and would want to see the measure. I certainly could be a psychopath if I am expected to love family that hates my sexuality because of their beliefs, or pressures me to marry, or delays my sexual activities to promote a sexist agenda. How do you measure incredulity - with a psychopath yardstick? I certainly find the cocooning cottonwool white-dove fluffy cloud factory not my definition of deep-conscious emotion either.  I would say that 70% LGBTI homeless teens says it all, that they were expelled from their families heartlessly. I would say that women forced to carry the children to term of careless men and rapists were forced to do so heartlessly. And so much more. Atheists don't stone women for adultery, don't prevent them from driving, don't work in all-male enclaves while turning a blind eye to the humanity of women and children. Religious people think atheists are amoral because morality comes from (god). That's …

To a friend in the closet

When you are in the closet you drag people around you into the closet. People who have made a choice to not be there. And you treat those people disrespectfully because of your being in the closet. You said it - I can't make those choices because I would be criticised by my community. So don't. Be straight.

So I can't visit with you - I will never be invited to your house because I say the word Dyke and I am out. I represent the indefensible thing you can't show your friends about you. That is an insult to me. The fact that you look around you to see who hears what we say. The fact that you can't commit to a friendship. The fact that you choose people who hate homosexuals - bigots - and hide.

These are red flags to someone who has their self together. They should not and would not submit to that insult. You have internalized homophobia, or love the drama of the on-off switch. This is your stuff to sort out. You don't need anyone else to help you sort it out. …

Hater-Christians and their dismissal of gay issues

@Miranda. So what are saying is that I must 'get a more important cause' that you will determine because you haven't spoken out (like a true complicit hater-Christian), the very people I am pleading with you to change the minds of?  I would hold the broader community responsible for the failure of Ubuntu to prevent the murder of homosexuals of I were Black. But if I say that - will I be fired? Called a racist? Silenced with a dismissive wave of a hand. No. You've done that before. To me. Irony lives here.  If you draw a parallel with apartheid, I would be the White person pleading among my 'Friends' for my friends to recognize that Black people have human rights, that they should have the same rights as me.  Just like that, I am asking you to plead among your friends for them not to discriminate against homosexuals and to stop the human rights abuses against homosexuals. You haven't done that, so really, you are much like the hater-White apartheid perpetrator,…

About losing our right to abortion

This is exactly what they want us to be yelling about "Where's our contraception"... sleight of hand to draw our attention away from how the white middle aged men just ripped Roe vs Wade to shreds and danced on it, and we lost a bit of our bodily integrity and are only asking for contraception not abortion. SCORE OLD WHITE MEN. Sorry women, you were fooled.

Characteristics of a great team

My belief system

When I post, my default position remains the same no matter the content of my postings - There is no Truth. However, in any discussion you have to suspend your BELIEF and use PREMISE to play with the variables at hand. This is my Primary Notion. ;

Race, why small things count

I agree in a box that the baby and the bathwater belong in the same place. However! I like to think about the politics of race like an actual relationship - if your partner is annoyed by your ticking watch on the bedside table, wouldn't you put it in the drawer. Why make unnecessary conflict? #RhodesMustFall

When we put the watch in the drawer in a relationship, and we clean the coffee stain, and we fold the socks, and we make tea for two, and we chatter together when we come home for work - our partner is more inclined to make coffee for two. Coffee.

I hate going to exhibition openings. So pale. No chatter. I have been to uSpace, I made a mistake there, it was graciously ignored because I made the effort, I will be better next time.

On posting a VIDEO of sexism - man freaking out at breast-feeding woman

Actually that always happens when you post this sort of thing. It's the standard defence. So once I posted another one of them - where a woman staged it - TRUE - and many women stage these experiments over and over and over in many countries and get the same kind of thing on video. Then ONE man comes along - NOT the specific video I posted - and stages him staging the woman staging it and men get to say for the rest of time that our experience is invalid.

Look at the content and match it to your experience in the world. Because I get around a lot. I was the ddmbbaw. I've been around. It matches my experience. That's how come I checked and double checked the original source of the first one I ever posted - because I was trolled and my uterus was to be sliced out and dangled over my raped and mutilated mouth.

I do think that independent women get harassed by men who don't want their delicate sensibilities challenged. The rules of the patriarchy must be slavishly follow…