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You are a bully - trying to intimidate us women into being Paris Hilton clones

Flashback Friday, a column on feminist notions...

BEEN READING: Jessica Valenti on Full Frontal Feminism
Valenti is the founder of and says that the next feminist wave will be cyber.

I totally think that we are being bullied and emotionally manipulated into being terrified to not shave, terrified to call ourselves feminists, terrified to act. It amazes me that no one realises that the bullying in schools is a reflection of what happens in front of children's eyes everywhere they go. A doctor, doing a breast sonar, made a comment about my underarm hair, suggesting that I should get that shaved before I see him next. It's bullying. He used his position of power to make me afraid that he would not give me his services if I did not conform to his idea of womanhood. How shocking is it that my hair is more scary than his bullying.

Those brats in American schools, giggling and laughing and intimidating their peers... it…