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SIGGRAPH 2011 : Cory Doctorow's Keynote Address

#Copyright ~ Cory Doctorow​, People who want to buy my stuff must know it exists. Obscurity is the enemy of being paid. Copying solves the 'getting your artistic work to your audience' problem. Families with internet access have better lives on every axis, including nutrition, jobs, education, political engagement.

Mistakes intelligent men make with women, by James Maclane

Top 10 Mistakes Intelligent Men Make With Women | James Social Coach | Full Length HD
•if she’s laughing at your jokes •eye contact •touch lightly constantly •look in eyes, then at lips, slowly •interlocking fingers is a kiss test •long hug, breathe as she breathes •find out where she lives •find out what she’s doing tomorrow •find out if her and her friend are drinking •try and draw her away from her friend •ask for a date •do something, don’t not do something •“it’s a gentleman’s job to try to fuck a woman’ must be your mantra •women want someone to sweep them off their feet •women want confidence •confidence comes from knowing what to do •confidence covers uncomfortable moments •energy, be high energy •dress well, then most girls will talk to you •take some time to get into the zone before you suddenly talk to a girl •men think women feel •ditch your toxic friends, negative friends, game-talking friends •do an improv class, improves conv…