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Study says atheists are Psychopaths

My comment: I find the psychopath label insulting and would want to see the measure. I certainly could be a psychopath if I am expected to love family that hates my sexuality because of their beliefs, or pressures me to marry, or delays my sexual activities to promote a sexist agenda. How do you measure incredulity - with a psychopath yardstick? I certainly find the cocooning cottonwool white-dove fluffy cloud factory not my definition of deep-conscious emotion either.  I would say that 70% LGBTI homeless teens says it all, that they were expelled from their families heartlessly. I would say that women forced to carry the children to term of careless men and rapists were forced to do so heartlessly. And so much more. Atheists don't stone women for adultery, don't prevent them from driving, don't work in all-male enclaves while turning a blind eye to the humanity of women and children. Religious people think atheists are amoral because morality comes from (god). That's …

To a friend in the closet

When you are in the closet you drag people around you into the closet. People who have made a choice to not be there. And you treat those people disrespectfully because of your being in the closet. You said it - I can't make those choices because I would be criticised by my community. So don't. Be straight.

So I can't visit with you - I will never be invited to your house because I say the word Dyke and I am out. I represent the indefensible thing you can't show your friends about you. That is an insult to me. The fact that you look around you to see who hears what we say. The fact that you can't commit to a friendship. The fact that you choose people who hate homosexuals - bigots - and hide.

These are red flags to someone who has their self together. They should not and would not submit to that insult. You have internalized homophobia, or love the drama of the on-off switch. This is your stuff to sort out. You don't need anyone else to help you sort it out. …

Hater-Christians and their dismissal of gay issues

@Miranda. So what are saying is that I must 'get a more important cause' that you will determine because you haven't spoken out (like a true complicit hater-Christian), the very people I am pleading with you to change the minds of?  I would hold the broader community responsible for the failure of Ubuntu to prevent the murder of homosexuals of I were Black. But if I say that - will I be fired? Called a racist? Silenced with a dismissive wave of a hand. No. You've done that before. To me. Irony lives here.  If you draw a parallel with apartheid, I would be the White person pleading among my 'Friends' for my friends to recognize that Black people have human rights, that they should have the same rights as me.  Just like that, I am asking you to plead among your friends for them not to discriminate against homosexuals and to stop the human rights abuses against homosexuals. You haven't done that, so really, you are much like the hater-White apartheid perpetrator,…