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Lifehack advice - be fluid, abhor stasis

Be like water. Powerful. Gentle. Adaptable. Ever-changing. Being static in a dynamic world – like the one you and I inhabit – is a recipe for disaster. If you can’t adapt, you can’t succeed. Our practical, three dimensional reality, and everything in it, is in a constant state of transition, while some of us are in a constant state of “same”. Statues don’t succeed, they just get crapped on.
Watch out for the pigeons.
Source: Lifehack

How-to argue

set a goal that is not 'get the other to admit they are wrong'LOVE - Listen, Observe body language, Verify their point, Empathise even if you don't agreefind common groundtake a break before you argueagree on small points, defer the bigger pointscompliment the otheracknowledge that the other is allowed to feel what they feeldon't raise your voice"What is it about you are feeling that I don't understand"if you are wrong you can't afford to lose your temper, if you are right, you candiscuss, don't argueagree to disagree, we don't have to agreejust because you are quiet doesn't mean you are peacefulin an emotional argument, hug the person and reassure"I don't want to fight. (NOT BUT) I need to tell you something that's concerning me"it's better to be happy than rightdon't keep score of past arguments

The Internet, trends in content containment and relevance

April 2009: Media Conference MIT6 (transcription)
Jessica Clark
Time based media - durable stableSpace based - ephemeralHow can old media participate?Allow publics to form without corporate interferenceParadigm shiftsBroadcast to networkConsumption to conversationSituated to ubiquitousLibrary to CloudCitizen is the platformChoice, 24/7, curating media, creating media, collaboration with each other and traditional mediaHyperprojects for profit and not for profitEach project has multiple outlets - network of
Ellen Hume
Old media is dying, the old media didn’t ask for action, new media gives phone number, website, facebook groupWriting was done for a few officials, and journos crossed their fingers that those officials would be embarrassed enough to do somethingPublics decide to take up issues, SeeClickFix, the public finds out here and takes it up as an issue. Citizen engagement tool for establishing priorities for gov.See something, Say something in New Yo…

Michael Jackson and Barbie and misplaced public outrage

Excerpt from: Human Nature, learning from the Michael Jackson cacophony

The article wasn't really about this, but this struck me: "I may be off in my interpretation of his physical transformation as racial subversion, but trust me when I tell you that, if this were merely aspiration to whiteness, something I might add that many Americans work hard at - regardless of their racial background - so why are we angry at MJ's attempts, most of us wouldn't have a problem with his embodied performance. Otherwise, where is the outrage when a Beyoncé or Lil' Kim shows up on stage looking like a Barbie Doll? Where's the outrage when any public woman - regardless of race - shows up with fake breasts and hair? Some interesting gender and racial issues are on display here in terms of whose bodies should change and whose shouldn't."

Source: Diary of an anxious black woman via Toni Kruger

Scientology basics for total ignoramuses

I am teaching Scientologists at the moment and they want to learn in a specific way and have asked me to learn how to teach them. Why not? So, here are the notes I am making while learning how to teach a Scientologist.

Basics of Scientology
• Religious philosophy
• practical methods to better
• knowing about knowing

Basics of Study Technology
• study technology used to learn
• willingness to know
• focus on how can I apply this
• student must be an empty cup, not feel they know everything

First barrier of study: Absence of mass
• must have the thing you are studying in front of you
• it must be real and tangible, practical
• pictures and words are not enough
• demonstration kit full of objects
• clay demonstration - a kind of visualisation

Second barrier of study: Too steep a gradient
• babysteps
• go back to find where the track was lost

Third barrier of study: The misunderstood word
• not understood or wrongly understood word
• unable to take in the info directly after word
• students b…

Facebook truths, real world voices more impactful

One of these days we will sit down with a wyntjie, don't you worry. I have hooked up with friends that I haven't seen in 20 years and had a wyntjie and been amazed that my heart still responds to the cadences of their voices. Isn't that amazing! Like, AMAZING! Just the same way memories come back from scents in the air, so our hearts always respond to the voices of people we care about. That's a gift.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy commentary by Dan Savage on Barak Obama's position

Keith Olbermann interviews Dan Savage and says:
Obama is "Goddamned Wrong" on Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

Fetsiboomsticks: Can I say it AGAIN. Dan Savage's verbal acuity blows my braincells apart. "Obama is the president, he doesn't have to blink out distress signals, he can issue orders" and "How many more retrograde bigots do we have to wait to get up to speed for" and "(Obama) needs to stop pandering to religious conservatives, not all religious people oppose rights for gays and lesbians" and "There's tremendous symbolic value to (the president raising the issue of abolishing Don't Ask, Don't Tell"). :) Still blown away.

Source: YouTube via Facebook