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Cancer lecture

Notes courtesy of a friend, who may want to be credited, but she should let me know. :)
need alkaline not acid. lemon alkaline and apples, all fruit and veg alkaline. Eat peel. Wash fruit and veg with warm water. use salt in hot water also for cauliflower and broccoli. Not that high. 4-12 alk sweet potato 9.8, 9 orange, asparagus grapes cauliflower broccoli carrot potato egg plant 4.6, egg white 4.8...below 4 tomato celery seaweed, high iodine fix thyroid and thick blood problems. Diabetics. Breast cancer. Prevent cardiovascular probs and high blood pressure. acid: all meat, incl chicken and fish 2 portion acid: 3 portion alk kumquats for colon cancer and grapesmango for colon, not if you have skin probs papaya stomach and lymph, yeast for digest strawberry good colon watermelon great all cancer peach high in iron pear good for lungs, liver dry nose throat gout cough cook tomato for more vitamins banana very ripe more vitamins, good for heart banana skin to prevent heart and hig…

My 21s lists, revisited

Some 21s lists that I made up, more at my website

21 ways to get over being dumped
Go on a wild kissing spreeArrange a dinner party every Friday night from then onStop talking about it, eventually you will kill the synapse that used to think about itTake up a new sport or exercise routineJoin a clubStart a clubWrite a book about what to do to get over being dumped - not one of those new age things, a horror where your ex dies in the end Hunt down someone the complete antithesis of your ex, and flirt outrageouslyStart a new business, something you have always wanted to do - or at least take the first step. Make a list of all the things your ex prevented you from doing, and do all of those things - every day.Dump your boring old therapist that got you into this mess, and get a new one.Take a trip to a white beach21 most obnoxious famous people
Tom CruiseAnthony QuinnClark GableGeorge BushMel Gibson21 ways to lose weight
Sweat and Starve - exercise and eat less (the real way) Three Spoon Di…

Ceara Sturgis, tortured by the 'moral majority' (snort)

Flashback Friday, a column on feminist notions...

The short version of the story so far: School had a fake prom and sent Ceara Sturgis - the lesbian - and disabled students - to the fake prom while parents organised a secret offsite prom and invited the rest of the student body; left her out of the yearbook despite the fact that she is an honors student (drug dealers are in the yearbook); tortured, marginalised, stigmatised.

I think the morality of the hatemongers that would do these things to Sturgis is questionable. They think they are standing up against a declining morality. I think the hatemongers are the leaders of the decline. They think that their children will not be gay because they fear the reaction of their parents. I think the hatemongers' children will be fearful and gay. They think they are standing up for God's word. I think the hatemongers are the definition of what God does not want. They think they are showing their children what is right. I think the hatem…

TED A different way to think about creative genius - Elizabeth Gilbert

• Eat Pray Love writer
• people ask her if she's ever afraid she can't top her success - Yes
• chemical engineers never get asked if they can top their success - why do creatives have a reputation for instability
• and there is a deathcount of creatives who died at their own hands
• creativity and suffering are linked
• in history you had a brilliant daemon who was the source of your genius and looked after you and prevented you from having to take advantage of your talent
• now it's become your responsibility, your burden to be brilliant
• Olé was originally Allah and gods name was part of events and joy
• Olé for having the stubborness to show up and be creative

TED The real crisis? We stopped being wise - Barry Schwartz

• a wise man knows when and how to make the exception to every rule
• doesn't have to slavishly follow policy
• real-world problems are dynamic
• you need permission to try new things, to fail, and to learn from failure
• "We hate to do it but we must follow procedure" - spares you from thinking
• first tool - rules, second rules - incentives - what else, because these don't work
• moral skill is chipped away by overreliance on rules, incentivism stops us from exercising our morality
• scripts for teachers because we don't trust them - rules prevent disaster but ensure mediocrity
• incentives put people in mind of how they can serve themselves - demoralises activities, they lose morale, and the activity loses morality
• DO celebrate and acknowledge moral exaplars (Atticus Finch, moral heroes), ask people around you to celebrate moral heroes
• employees should be inspired by their superiors
• find ordinary heroes
• be ordinary heroes
• nurture moral skills and mor…

TED Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense - Pattie Maes Pranav Mistry

• using their fingers. Gestures
• wants a system whereby consumers can get info immediately when they are wandering around to info -  wirelessly access info networks, take pictures, project onto a wall, new in newspaper, scores on score sheet
• contraversially, projections onto people infor about them
• draw a watch on your arm