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#Copyright ~ Cory Doctorow

#Copyright ~ Cory Doctorow​, People who want to buy my stuff must know it exists. Obscurity is the enemy of being paid. Copying solves the 'getting your artistic work to your audience' problem. Families with internet access have better lives on every axis, including nutrition, jobs, education, political engagement.

20 Whatsapp Group Etiquette Rules

#WhatsappEtiquette 1. Just add me. Don't ask if I want to be added. I know where the Exit Group button is. 2. Anonymity is out. Everyone must supply their full name. We're on the group to make contact and share views, make decisions, meetup IRL. If it's anonymous, random names, random numbers, talking is difficult to follow. What is the purpose of group? Networking? As soon as you're added, tell your full name and what you do that is relevant to the group. 3. Harassment. If girls on the group are harassed, what kind of group is it, what kind of men belong? She should Exit Group. 4. No spamming. If admins let spam through, Exit Group. 5. Private conversations in-group are out. If it's not for everyone, take it outside the group. 6. Be succinct and purposeful. Don't use extraneous words. Get to the point. Don't cause more than two dings. 7. Don't expect immediate responses. If I am meeting you, let's meet at your house so you're not staring into space be…

Feminist hairy armpits, hairiness

Ruth, not sure what you meant by 'and men who shave to please women'. Powerplay is not tit for tat. If a man doesn't shave he becomes all things nice - a bear, a hipster. If a woman doesn't shave she becomes all things vile because she is dissenting - hairy, feminazi, slovenly, stinks. A man's hairy armpit and a woman's hairy armpit don't hold the same social value.

An individual man who shaves something is given a cogent reason - he shaves his legs, ah, he must be a swimmer.

I hesitate to speak about gay men, because I don't belong to that group, but will take the risk because my point is feminist - under gay men there is also a demand for a certain muscled-slim appearance - 'No Fats or Fems' which I feel also diminishes the power of Fats and Fems in relationships - and yet there are men who seek out Chubbies and Fems.

Rare would be the het man openly seeking fat feminist diesel dyke womxn. Despite the restrictive gay appearance culture, ga…