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Trust is a test, says Dan Savage

Sjoe, there are so many things going right! Right this second the thing that is impressing me is learning that "A relationship is built on trust" is a phrase that is vilely, disgustingly, putridifyingly, irritatingly, suckily, annoyingly passive. Spit! Dan Savage, as always brilliant because he agrees with me incessantly, points out that in order to build trust with someone who is jealous, you give them the power. They control you and you submit to their control with the trust that they are working towards letting you have that other relationship that you need to fulfill whatever need it is you are looking to be filled. They learn to trust you with babysteps, and you learn if they will abuse their power to deprive you of what you need. This is the truncated version. See Dan for details. :)

Fantastically simple solutions to problems

How to prevent corruption by officials ?
Solution: Uniforms with no pockets

How to prevent the wearing of Burkas?
Make it compulsory for prostitutes to wear them
(Rory Sutherland)

How to popularise an ugly vegetable and make it infinitely eatable?
Make it a vegetable not for plebs but only for kings, guard the fields where it is grown and don't guard them awfully well. If something is worth growing it's worth stealing.
(Rory Sutherland)

How to make people keep the road rules?
Points loss. Start with twelve and have them taken away. "Oh dear, I only have three left."
(Rory Sutherland)

How to stop people from multitasking on mobile devices?
Call on them. Ask them for their opinion. Ask them to extrapolate a solution based on what you were saying, ask them for an opinion or some facts and figures.
(article, sorry no reference)

How to manage the information that large groups hold?
Take the problem to the people - internet, tagging
(Clay Shirky)

Seven success notes

• just do it, don't think.
• self-belief carries your talent into the world
• make mistakes and learn from it because mistakes are not failure, situations have things to teach
• work, sacrifice, learn, study, discipline
• deliver, no matter what
• actively ask for real feedback, allow yourself to be analysed, turn the self-knowledge into a self-motivation
• be persistent but not stubborn
• feel fear but don't let it stop you

Source: 702