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Gay people forcing their morality on defenceless heterosexuals

It is about forcing or imposing the gay/lesbian community's will and morality on people who believe it contradicts their morality. And once it has the power of law behind it, it will eventually foster things like forcing ministers, priests, rabbis, etc., to officiate at these "weddings," or their churches/synagogues lose their tax status and worse. Sort of like Catholic medical schools that, for a period of time not that long ago, were mandated to teach abortion or lose their accreditation, forcing medical students of conscience who wanted to have an accredited degree to be seriously affected.

It's about the terminology that this powerful lobbying force thinks it needs, which is chillingly similar to the sanitizing language change imposed on us by the abortion lobby in 1973; e.g., "fetus" for unborn baby, "eliminate tissue" vs. kill a child, etc.


History of Facebook, and privacy implications

This has to be urban legend, because if this story is true, it's no wonder Facebook cares very little for our privacy and has coercive policies that benefit third-party application owners over users. The coercive element is the element where in order for me to maintain my privacy, I would have to have a Facebook profile that no one could see. That defeats the purpose.

So when I make a friend, I accept their ignorance about the risk that they have exposed me to through the applications they have on their profile. I have none, but their applications have access to all the information they have access to. So if my friend can see that I am married, so can all the applications they have.

So in order for me to participate, I HAVE TO ACQUIESCE to the privacy abuse. And yes, it is my choice. Thanks. :{



Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room.
Mark Zuckerberg invented Facemash on October 28, 2003 while attending Harvard as a sophomore. The site …