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Male Gaze

@Lance. The short version is never going to do a short version of the male gaze justice because I'm going to focus on my bits. 
When a woman looks out of her eyes she sees a world constructed not-for-her. The constructed world tells her what she is allowed and it's very narrowly what-men-want. It's like looking into a padded cell. This is the world you have been given and there's a universe of controllers ready to control your behavior. As a man you have some strictures, but for women it's a vast minefield. 
Much of that world is constructed visibly, but men can't see it because they are inside their male gaze and it looks normal to them, 'natural'. Many of the examples you would have encountered on my wall. Women are hairless. Women can be told what to wear. Women can be paid less for the same work. Jobs become 'women's work'. Women should smell like flowers. Women don't have maternity support in the workplace. These are constructions giv…

Seth Godin

"I'm sorry it's not for you," and go talk to someone who's open.
Pick yourself. Deniability comes from having someone pick you.
Capitalism trained us to give up our autonomy for wealth.

Why happy couples cheat

Esther Perel, Affairs in the digital age are a death by a thousand cuts. (Speaking of digital tracking of your lover’s affair.
Not leaving, in an era when you can leave, is the new shame.
We used to leave because we had to leave, now we leave because we could be happier.
“Cheating” in the digital age by Esther Perel #TEDTalks @fakedansavage. Even happy people cheat to feel alive, “is there more”?
Esther Perel, That you can never have your lover is a desire machine, keeps you wanting. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When we are doing what we shouldn’t do, we feel like we are doing what we want to. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When exposed, couples have discussions they haven’t had in decades, rekindles desire with truth. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, Remorse for hurting the partner, but not for the affair. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When you stay: Your first marriage is over, do you want to start another one. #TEDTalks
Source: Why happy couples cheat - Esther Perel

SIGGRAPH 2011 : Cory Doctorow's Keynote Address

#Copyright ~ Cory Doctorow​, People who want to buy my stuff must know it exists. Obscurity is the enemy of being paid. Copying solves the 'getting your artistic work to your audience' problem. Families with internet access have better lives on every axis, including nutrition, jobs, education, political engagement.

Mistakes intelligent men make with women, by James Maclane

Top 10 Mistakes Intelligent Men Make With Women | James Social Coach | Full Length HD
•if she’s laughing at your jokes •eye contact •touch lightly constantly •look in eyes, then at lips, slowly •interlocking fingers is a kiss test •long hug, breathe as she breathes •find out where she lives •find out what she’s doing tomorrow •find out if her and her friend are drinking •try and draw her away from her friend •ask for a date •do something, don’t not do something •“it’s a gentleman’s job to try to fuck a woman’ must be your mantra •women want someone to sweep them off their feet •women want confidence •confidence comes from knowing what to do •confidence covers uncomfortable moments •energy, be high energy •dress well, then most girls will talk to you •take some time to get into the zone before you suddenly talk to a girl •men think women feel •ditch your toxic friends, negative friends, game-talking friends •do an improv class, improves conv…