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When people defend posting pics of hurt-by-human animals

And you need to tell us HOW to stop this. The sites that have the actions have the pictures so we will never know what to DO. So - It's more effective to give us a task. Don't post a picture of an animal hurt by firecrackers, report the person, open a dog shelter for the evening if you have a suitable yard, donate to a NAMED anti-firecracker organization, provide a complete list of Ward Representatives email addresses we can write to, organise a rally/lobby/toyitoyi/picket we can attend, tell us where we can volunteer the day after, tell us what calming things to do, organise a posse for the next day with a suitable car to find wandering animals, organise a posse with no animals to trawl for monsters and report them to the police, take pictures of the perpetrators cars and give them to the police, stage a sitin at the police station to demand that all cars on site are used to find perpetrators, take the police doughnuts for a year to extort a promise of help, tell us how to tr…


Derailment can happen on all the 'sides' of a discussion, the hard part is facilitating forward motion and 'keeping it clean', i.e. keeping the derailers voiced, fair and not vitriolic. Now we need to turn derailers into some form of ally because derailers become the 'face' of the group.
On another comment stream: #Race ~ #Feminism. #Separatism. #Apartheid. Mary Daly got fired for teaching derailers in separate spaces, sadly, but I always understood why she did it, empathized. I'm in the camp of "white people should shut the fuck up" as a general rule (รก la Samantha Vice and Gillian Schutte), except when we are talking to our fellow white people. I don't get it right all the time, but I want to. 
On another comment stream: Perhaps by claiming a white space they are acknowledging that white women think feminism is 'good for' black women... CONDESCENDING... And they are acknowledging t…