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Public speaking - Tips on how to deliver a presentation professionally

How to deliver a presentation professionally (Tanya's version of)
Start with a bang - summarise and explain your thesis in short punchy sentences, before going into more detail.Find out the audience's needs - plan according to THEIR needs.Don't oversell - give them just what they need.Don't present by rote - be loose, prompt cards, visuals that guide you, never read the visual content. When info gets dense - use humor. Rehearse - out loud and stand.Never exceed your time - rather be too short than too long.Be in control - your nerves, the audience, the room layout, the technical aspects of the talk, time, etc.Plan the end - it must be strong and confident, the audience must be left with an action plan.Be professional - look, act, behave, speak, and perform like a why people are going to resist the idea, "you might not want to believe this because you believe" marvel for the audience, compelling, modelling what you want them to feelfind items you can to…

Spam - an escalating set of responses to spam

I haven't checked what the real etiquette is, but I think it should be... You send the spam through to the person's email and include the covering note: "Do you mind if I send you emails now and then on this Religious / Funny / Feminist / Racist / Political theme?" Then I can politely answer... "No thanks." Then, you must create a Distribution List (people who don't know how to create Distribution Lists should not be sending out spam) that excludes my address. From now on I send no spam without a covering letter - and you know we have all done it.

This is the advice I would give someone receiving spam: "Reply on the email and say, "No thanks". If they send it again, "I said.... No thanks." If they send it again, "Did you not fucking hear me?... No thanks." If they send it again, "I have put a filter on your email address that will return anything you send me with a reply that say, "I SAID, "NO FUCKING TH…

Homosexuals are molesters

Yes, I guess there is absolutely no bestiality and incest going on in the world, legal or otherwise. I guess the straights aren't responsible for that in any way shape or form. It's all the fault of gay people. The logic that homosexuals are responsible for bestiality and incest escapes me.

Heterosexuals' legal marriages have not rid the world of bestiality or incest. Where have you ever seen that crimes against others get legalized? Only crimes against self have been legalized. Are we crimes against humanity? ARE HOMOSEXUALS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BESTIALITY AND INCEST IN THE WORLD?

Is the the issue around gay marriage being equated with legalising perversion. Is the underlying issue that gays are still a buncha perverts? A buncha criminals? And what are you suggesting - that governments/Christians/heterosexuals get rid of them altogether? Are gays vermin? Is apartheid based on sexual orientation OK? Come out and say what you want to say... I am inviting you out of your closet…