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Dreaming friend

I just need to share this very specific dream I had about you last night. Sigh. I have no idea where it fits into my framework, but perhaps it you may shed some light. We were invited to view your new home that you had built – it turned out to be a big cottage in the garden of your parent’s home. There was already an established garden with strange things like a large bread bush (made from white bread, that you could smell and taste). The kitchen was big! With a table in it, we sat down to a meal (unsure what that was) and your father had joined us. His face was clear in the dream – but I only know he was your father because you said so, not because I would recognize him if I were to find him in my soup. We were chatting. You were frustrated that your dad kept hanging around. Eventually you announced your wedding (or I asked and you confirmed) and your dad threw a fit. He made it clear that he did not mind you living on the property but not to go around telling people you were to marr…

Who are the most interesting people I have met?

Facebook Weekly Enquiry asks Who are the most interesting people you have met?

Goodness. Is interesting synonymous with love!? Because I have come across stunningly interesting people and really been attracted to them, because that's HOW I become attracted to people. But in a way they aren't necessarily settling down with material. You can look up to people without wanting to climb into bed with them for a lifetime... See! OK, so now that's out of the way.... .... .... .... Dang! it still feels like I am going to list all sorts of people that are on the IN LOVE list. Because there are a few that I find interesting but am not attracted to, entirely. But I could've. But no that would be crazy. Conversely, I have been seriously ATTRACTED to people I didn't find interesting... .... .... .... where am I going with this? Ek weet nie!

Source: Facebook Weekly Enquiry