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#ReverseRacism is not a thing

#ReverseRacism is not a thing. The goal is to fix racists. By realising the distinction between racism and people violated by racism responding to the racism perpetrated against them I hope that racists will own their racism and cut it out.

When a two year old says "but see what you did to me in response to what I did to you", the original violence seems justified. But it is not. We teach that two year old that the best way to deal with their unjustifiable hatred and bad behaviour is to have empathy - insight into their self-serving behaviour - and to apologise. And to do so sincerely. There is a measure of that sincerity, and that is their behaviour after the apology.

These are basic human interactions.

What I see is White people stomping around muttering under their breath, screaming. Like two year olds who were forced to apologise, and they did so because mommy was going to withhold their dinner and send them to their room.

Total lack of graciousness and empathy.


On homosexuality and the command to be fruitful

Aside from the fact that anal sex is practiced at length (Hehe) by heterosexual people. At any one moment in the world trillions of heterosexuals are piercing each other pointlessly.

This planet is groaning under the weight of too many people. Before birth control women generally had 11 and 12 children. How can we educate those amounts on children as husbands, because that amount of children chains mothers breasts to the home, she can't work. How can our poisoned water slake the thirst of so many children. How many animals will have to live under horrific circumstances to feed those children.

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. The economy cannot support women-as-incubator. Birth is irrelevant. If (god) would not concede that and add a footnote to his bible, he's violent.

People who think that a book written that long ago, is wrapped in a vacuum, are arbitrarily assigning a no-footnote rule to the bible. (god) is screaming 'Footnote required' - your inhumanity to animals cannot …

On decriminalizing domestic violence

If women refuse to marry because domestic violence is decriminalized, and surname change is forced, birth control is restricted, abortion is banned, and the 1920s is returned to shackle us, you realize they will have to take away our right to work in order to force us to marry so we can eat. Sexism-patriarchy is a closed system based on women's dependence. If we are forced to have 20 children, we are beggars for their bread.