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Sniffing Out Criminals

IF You Can't Confront Criminals, Drive Them To Distraction.  That seems to be the theory behind a new wave of tactical tricks becoming more popular among urban cops. These "touch-free" techniques use sounds, smells and subterfuge to thwart crime and pose less risk of violence. For police departments faced with budget cuts, limited manpower and accusations of police brutality, they can be a kinder, gentler — and cheaper — way of keeping the streets safe.VIOLINS VS. VIOLENCE Blaring classical music chases gangs away from subway stations, parking lots and malls. Cops in Britain tried this first. But what happens if the vagrants love Wagner? UNSEXY ODORS L.A. cops smear skunk-smelling gel to clear prostitutes and johns from crack houses. Next up: stinky gun pellets to scatter them from afar. ICE CREAM COPS After police hid out in a Good Humor truck in Chicago, dealers ran from even regular trucks' chimes. D.C. cops got the same result wi…

Hi5 social networking site has a virus (2010)

eHow: How to get rid of the Hi5 virus:

Easy Tweaks: How to delete your Hi5 account

Neither of these things worked, so I put a filter on my email address on serverside to prevent the email from being sent to my machine.

5 common blogging tips that aren't true (a précis by fetsiboomsticks)

Spend money on your blog. Spend it on domain name and hosting, the rest is ornamentation.Be yourself. Purple cows are more noticeable than little grey men.Don't guest post. It diverts your energy from your blog with little reward (I don't agree with this point).Post quality not quantity. Be sustainable.Blog about your passion. Even if there's competition for keywords, if you know your stuff you are in (similar to the anti-copyright argument, that copyright is there to protect the mediocre - then the mediocre can at least sell their (book) to 100 people, instead of relying on vitalness).And remember, advice is not 'law of the universe'.

Source: Rob Cubbon