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A rant against butt-sitting criticisers

Let me just say that it disgusts me how people sit on their butts and criticise people who actually get off their butts. Grr. Your colleague makes me ill.

However, alongside that.... we Librans can maintain two completely contradictory conversations... it's a gift... The whole point of getting off your butt is to get the first version out there so that you can learn from it.

There's a divine BBC documentary (surprise surprise) called The Ascent of Money. Several famous people have filed for bankruptcy and American laws recognise that those that take the risks (or get off their butts) don't always succeed.... AND BETTER YET.... they learn from failure. It's really hard to succeed, and it needs practice.

I once heard that 3% of successful people just succeed right off the bat by having a great idea and doing it well and 97% of people take an old idea and do it better, some just add a simple ingredient like 'good service'.

So in actual fact, it's the huge-butt…