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Tecumseh's curse - every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter [would] die

One other variable worth mentioning is that Bush was elected in 2000, a year in the 20-year cycle of Tecumseh's curse, which declared that U.S. presidents elected then would not complete their terms. In 1811, the Indian chief Tecumseh was defeated in the Battle of Tippecanoe by William Henry Harrison. Legend has it he sent Harrison word that he - and "every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter [would] die" - as a reminder of the death of Tecumseh's people….United States President Harrison did die of pneumonia in 1841. And with only one exception, all American presidents elected in a year divisible by 20 since that time have also died in office. This "curse" coincides with the astrological Jupiter/Saturn cycle, also a cycle of 20 years. The presidents who fell prey to the curse all were elected in years when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in an earth sign. The lone president to survive the curse since 1840 has been President Reagan, whose 1980 election…

Catching out the inattentive - pay attention

In the late 1960's a Texas legislator became annoyed with his fellow legislators' habit of passing bills without giving them proper study and consideration. He therefore introduced a bill commending Mr. Albert DiSalvo for his outstanding work in population control. At the time, Mr. DiSalvo was on trial for a series of murders and was better known by his nickname, The Boston Strangler. The Bill passed unanimously.

Communication is handicapped in the business environment

Because when you teach you are paid no matter what, and because you are given the time, you can spend time working out what the best way is to communicate with students. You can experiment with different communication techniques, and put your hand on their arm. You are exposed to trillions of students, all different levels of grasping and you learn how to adjust yourself.

Whereas in the commercial world you don't get paid no matter what, and you rarely have the time. People are so busy planning what to put on their CVs that they never think about what the best way to communicate something would be - their way is the efficient way and if you cannot understand then there is something wrong with you. You're fired.

How to let go of a friend who is bordering on being a stalker

"Stalkers don't listen well"... Why are you speaking to them? You care too much what people think. Just cut her off. Snip. Do it now, before you become emotionally involved. I had a friend that I did this whole trip with and eventually I had to cut her off anyway. There are only two ways: 1. Either you just snippety. 2. Or you enjoy the attention, smoke the cigarettes, make them cook for you, buy you chocolates, revel in the attention... and then ten years later, snippety. Either way it's snippety. Just one way you feel guilty and the other way you feel horribly guilty.

I would send an email to the stalker, and apologize for sending one.

Hi Hitler

You are driving me bats, please will you f**off and leave me the hell alone.


PS: I mean it, pig.

... I just nipped out to the video store and the counterperson made a nasty comment about Brokeback Mountain. Tip: What you need before writing the f**off letter is to get someone in a conversation about Brokeback…

A friend explains the way I watch movies, like Brokeback Mountain

A friend wrote:
We have problem there. The way we watch movies (you and me) is very much the same way in which we approach new social situations. With anything new, you (Fetsiboomsticks) zone in on particular details / people, attach, interact. Your commitment to the interaction causes you to have to sacrifice some of the details and facts, no one can be everywhere at once. You walk away with a good idea of the all over 'vibe' that was present at the time and what views who held and what their interests were, those that got your attention anyway. But all the background noise and activity slipped by unnoticed.

Me, new people, I withdraw, look on from the distance, expend no energy on the interaction, so there is quite a substantial bit of energy left to employ peripheral vision along with the normal absorption of details. I see who talks to who, where they're standing, who they're comfortable talking to, what they're drinking, who's hiding by omitting, who's…