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Feminist man-hating

You know how the #Backlash paints Feminists as man haters? And how the lazy of mind siphon that stuff up? People never think about how disappointed women are when they find themselves beaten, cheated on, trapped in patriarchal boxes with shoes and razors, openly spat on in the workplace, dismissed from the tables of political influence.

Just like Whiteness is incredulous that they have to shoulder the blame for the previously-openly-hateful, so #AllMen have a responsibility to actively subvert the system they benefit from. Not many do it visibly. You, Robert, are one. Thank you.

Just like a Black person can never be racist, only damaged, so a woman can not be sexist, only damaged. Our hurt and disappointment comes from somewhere, and people who question that are suspect. No one would question the damage of Black people. And Whites are suspect and damaged as collateral damage, self-damage. So men are self-damaged. Women are not self-damaged.

There's a war against the bodies of the not…

TEDTalks. Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist

Feminism ~ #Loveit! #LoveRoxane. Witty, poetic, beautiful. • Our society is set up to make women vulnerable when they choose. • Feminists are hairy, angry, man-hating... as if those are bad things... now it seems like a rational response. • You never want to be that rebel woman until you realise you are that rebel woman. • We have the right to make choices about our bodies without legislative oversight or evangelical doctrine. • Powerful women are afraid to call themselves feminist because of repercussions (like any social pariahs) • Take BeyoncĂ© at her grown-woman word - she is a feminist.

Quitting for feminist reasons

I was so excited about this job to teach kids agency and sexual safety and the physical stuff. I'll probably end up a hobo because I can't add self-shaming to feminist-shaming. Wishes don't make stuff come true.


Please don't be cross. This is not going to work out for me as Teaching. Of course I will honor my commitment re assisting you and doing the digital things. And any other way I can help, to atone for my mistake. We'll talk further. But I wanted you to know right away about my Decision/Adjustment, so that you don't put any further effort in on my behalf. Thank you for everything. You are amazing and have done so much for me. Trust that I will put in 1000% too, to say thank you and to show my sincere regret and my sincere apology.

Mansplain Magazine (what if)

I hesitate to say it.. Vogue is worse than this almost-realized Mansplaining magazine. Worse. At least with Mansplain we can see the obvious ignorance and entitlement that lies behind their view of any subject. Somehow we fail to see the infantilizing obviousness of the media machine turning us into trivialized nonentities vapidly spending vast sums of money on our own quest for irrelevance.

The Giver (2014) critique

#Movies ~ The Giver (2014). Meryl Streep as 'god'. I have total faith in her. I believe the world would be better as-constructed. Utopia manifested. The patriarchs don't have a clue what they are doing. Their manifested Utopias fail. Soylent Green, Logan's Run, Handmaid's Tale, The Island, Minority Report... whatever. Why do we always advocate for a return to The Outside that represents The Same as Now. That's stupid. Streep has the right idea despite being shrouded with the eye-rollingly insidious trope of being The Woman Who Holds the Man Back from Duty and Greatness. Snore. They can never see that we are always right and shouldn't have to be painted the Baddy when we are saving them from their Culture of Violent Masculinity. The very war that traumatizes Jeff Bridges. But No! They are obsessed. Not Sweet Death, but trophy-hunting, limb-shredding, sex-worker-dismembering War. Snore.