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TED Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

everytime you earn more, save more. monthly saving is difficult, present bias (immediate gratification) makes you think of how you have to give up something nowwe think about saving in the present, but spend in the long run. We diet today, eat tomorrowspeaks of checking the box during an organ donor situation in licence aquisition. Germany shortage - you have to check the box to say yes. Austria you have to check the box to say No... they have organs for Africa. In terms of saving... create a situation where people have to opt out. Opting out takes effort.if you say, Yes, I want to save, that's half of the effort. Next automate the process.if you defer saving to when you get a raise, then it's a small percentage of that extramaking the decisions around saving are complex, too many points to consider1 in 10 Americans save enough Singaporeans spend average $4000 per year on lotto. Americans $1000.