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Facebook etiquette

Social Networking Guidelines
(this is not an instruction manual, it's a suggestion collection from various sites)

• change your settings so you don't spam your friends
• invite friends carefully

About yourself
• don't make your address or phone number visible to strangers

Business stuff
• belongs on a page or group, not on your profile

• don't chat unless you have something to say

• keep to topic in a comment thread
• don't change the topic
• don't comment on every post of your stalkee
• reply at least once to comments on your posting
• don't preach
• if your comment gets deleted, take it with grace and apologise
• check your posting for inflammatory language and tone it down
• don't be the first commenter on your status
• don't cause drama and don't keep it going
• don't swear in someone's comments section

• not allowed, move to a restricted profile

Date potential
• wanna date a friends friend? ask your friend fo…


Marketing is a three-syllable word that seems so simple, yet encompasses so much. Marketing is a multi-faceted approach to promoting a product or service. Both traditional and unconventional marketing methods have a place in the small business world. Marketing helps small businesses focus on building their brand and identity.

There are few limitations to marketing options, and the opportunities listed here are just a few that will generally result in a decent ROI (Return On Investment) for most small businesses. That said, do not be afraid to be creative -- no one knows or understands a small business like its owner, so think outside of the box and don't be afraid to experiment.

Identity Continuity

Create continuity between an online website, logos, letterheads, business cards, and packaging. Create an identity that will make your business stand out from the competition, and leave a good initial impression on potential customers. A professional image associated with your company …

NetProphet 2012

Took place in Cape Town, I listened online - which another listener called listening in morse code because it was so choppy. And it must have been from their side because a 10 MBps guy in England experienced the same thing. And I followed the #NetProphet hashtag on twitter. It was fabulous. I was almost there. Here are my jumble of notes


#NetProphet ~ #RichardHardiman
Richard Hardiman: Internet Radio in South Africa. Why it shouldn’t work
• a differentiation happens online
• consultants from overseas tell you how to do it
• focus on client, not the end user, the client is the advertiser
• Tim Bishop: Too many (Digital) Entrepreneurs= fragmentation of best brains into 1000s of small entities. We must #ENTREPRELABORATE
• working for yourself you mind the hours and small salaries less because you are passionate
• when you set out to do something different, people question it.
• Average time spent listening to 'normal' radio is 23 minutes but internet radio is getting 2 h…