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Gay marriage vs Civil unions


Very valuable questions, that you ask and that we all struggle with, whether or not we belong to a long-established hegemony or a newly-forming one.

It does seem odd to seek marriage that has come up through the ranks of ages as a method of legitimising certain people over others - the progeny of this sort of union are better than the progeny of that sort of union. “This woman is my property, as are her children and my other property will go to them if I so decide.” Suzanne du Toit and Annemarie de Vos, who tested the adoption laws - that only one woman could adopt a child, not a pair of women. Annemarie adopted two children, and found that were she to die, that Suzanne would not legally be able to continue to live with and mother the children. They would have to go back into the foster care system and Suzanne would be offered no recognition of time served. They won. The courts now recognise, thanks to them, that those children belong to both women and no one can take them …

Ellen vs Rosie - attitude to their responsibility as lesbian rolemodels

Kim Ficera, talking about how it is irrelevant whether Ellen DeGeneres is contractually prevented from visibly being a lesbian or mentioning anything about lesbianism, or whether Ellen is self-willing her lesbian-silence - either way it makes Ficera want to switch to an alternative viewing network and watch out-and-loud Rosie O'Donnell:
Ellen DeGeneres might be out and proud (although not as publicly proud as she once was) but Rosie O'Donnell is out and loud. Many lesbians will tune in to The View just to see what gay outburst Rosie will make next. Likewise, people who don't like lesbians will tune in for the same reason. That's surely something Walters thought about when she asked O'Donnell to join the show.

Conversely, no one -- not even the biggest lesbian in the world, wherever she might be -- tunes into Ellen's show to watch her discuss lesbian issues, because she never talks about lesbian issues. And that's fine. I understand completely why Ellen might…

I cannot bear criticism because it stfiles

I guess the real reason why I struggle to write... is that I CANNOT BEAR CRITICISM. It is something I really have to work on. It's my karmic hangover. I have been back for this a million times, I know it. I am so careful when I write and I cannot bear an assumption that I haven't thought of that criticism and made it the way I wanted it to be no matter what the criticism.

I am STILL, yes really, STILL gritting my teeth about her response to my first paragraph, I know I have to forgive her, but I just can't. And do you know how carelessly she did it - she doesn't even remember me showing it to her or what it was about. Ok, Ok, I know I am no good in this department either, but it hurts just the same.

I would rather not write than be subject to this kind of carelessness.

A client recently said to me "Ag nee Froglet, ek het nie sulke lang tone nie", and gave birth to The Short-Toe Campaign. It's been going for about a month and I am fiercely promoting it, ho…

Defining collaboration - an opportunity to share your soul

How can you possibly respect someone who cannot get off her butt and write but wants to tell others how to? Nope, I think it is unacceptable. And it makes me completely neurotic. Seriously. someone showed me some of her writing, where she saw birds flying in the moonless night sky. Needless to say, after my 'revisions' I never got asked again. I never jump off the cliff and can never be 'revised', but I submit others to 'revising'. Uh, Uhhh.

Editing isn't work to me, unless you present me with a deadline. I love doing it. What I hate is doing what (I hate)[I don't really hate it, but it's not what I desire to do]{typesetting/design} for my friends, and then they think that they can get more out of me and make demands on me than they would on an ordinary typesetter. And the laws of business just disappear out the window. Guilt arrives for almost anything an ordinary day would call minor.

When you do it willingly when asked, putting your soul into it,…