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TED Let's treat violence like a contagious disease - Gary Slutkin

• violence interruptors - workers from same group, trained, cool them down, talk reason, buying time • outreach workers - keep people in the program, on therapy for 6-24 months focusing on behaviour change • changing norms - community activities • Chicago project dropped violence 67%, this has worked 20 times between 30% and 70% drop in violence. • criticism 

Homophobists - How they hate

I agree with the part that suggests, but doesn't state clearly, that it's the 'receiving' male homosexual that is reviled - because he 'becomes the woman'. Homophobists are not-coincidentally also sexists, and I would venture, racists. These kinds of ignorances clump together, have an affinity for one another. To disguise their disgust at the head of the food chain 'acting like a woman' (their most reviled caste member being 'a woman') they expand and justify their bigotry to the 'delivering' man and the women that reflect that pair, the lesbians. And then, to justify their bigotry further... let me go no further, I have been riled up recently by someone demonstrating this point I am making, and I may be ready to blow a fuse.
On another note, homophobists use their hatred of gays to establish their 'not-belonging' to the gay group. They parade their heterosexuality so that no one can mistakenly place them in that group. They build…