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TED Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

TED: Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

Reputation is the measurement of how much a network trusts you. As the reputation goes up the more tasks you get and the more you can charge. As we move digitally we leave a reputation trail.

Let's make our reputation travel with us from site to site. But one score is not nuanced enough to really reflect us.

Influence is not the same as reputation - that people like us does not reflect on whether or not we can do tasks. So how do we collect reputation data.

Realtime stream of who has trusted me or responded to a task I have done. My reputation capital dashboard will be checked by others, like Linkedin. TrustCloud, ConnectMe. Your intentions, capabilities and values. It can create an influence positive disruption in who has power, influence and trust, taking power from the current powerholders. We are limited because our reputation currently cannot be measured or seen in relation to the celebrity power holders. Makes co…

Help required ~ Pretoria Art Museum

Help required ~ Pretoria Art Museum has no guards who can exclusively look after the parking lot - so car stealers just wait patiently until the guard goes off to patrol other areas. They have no on-site person who answers the two telephone lines they have. The area around it is a mess with papers and rotting food. Their website...(s!) are all neglected. I have sent through a note and got a shrug back. I have suggested:

"Have two-day exhibitions over one weekend a month. Take the money you would do the whole month's worth of guards and employ two on overtime for that weekend. Get an extra person to man the phones on those two days. That way we can come to the exhibitions, feel safe, get the full service treatment guaranteed. I for one would rather have one good weekend to go to Pretoria Art Museum than none at all."

Anyone like to support me and send a note through to Mmutle Kgokong ( who is at least prepared to forward emails to the shrugger? Yo…