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How I 'became' a feminist and lesbian

Flashback Friday, a column on feminist notions...

One of the things that really astounds me is the Awakening. You know that feeling of lying in bed and suddenly realising that you have been awake for some time. You realise that you have been lying there thinking and time has passed. Catching those last few thoughts before the Awakening lasts as long as the memory of a dream - not long. My waking into feminism was exactly like that. I never thought I 'needed' feminism. I knew myself, my mind, my capabilities. I could act and react. I believed that the only difference between men and women was biological, genital, surmountable.

How wrong I was. I became aware that my previous stance and my current stance is a choice. The world brainwashes you, as does any system, feminism included. The difference is, that if you have become aware of an alternative reality, it undermines the ubiquitousness of reality number one. Alternative realities give the possibility of choosing, of making a…

My opinion about the Apartheid Museum

To think that I travelled all the way to Europe thinking they had the best museums. Ptuie. The Apartheid Museum is in Johannesburg, at Gold Reef City. At the ticket office you get an entrance ticket that says 'White' and 'Non-White' - take the Non-White one and the first experience you will have is what it feels like to see the privileged walk in one direction, while you are forced into another. Then, after having your mind blown all the way through the museum, come out and in front of you is a large stairway (with large stairs on the right and small stairs on the left) that leads up, and you can't see where to. You can take big or small steps into the future - but you can't predict what the future will be. So clever.