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Showing posts from October, 2007

It's their dog, a lesson in relinquishing control

Don't try and control it, let it be. Enjoy what you enjoy and let the rest go!

My mentor pointed out to me that by trying to control the behaviour of others (dog owners) I was giving up the true focus of what the situation was bringing to me (my enjoyment of walking the dogs). Ultimately... I am not walking dogs anymore. Sadly, I did not learn that lesson.

How to surf better than normal people

I just realised how I surf differently from other people. A query is an opportunity to see what ELSE google can come up with. So it's about getting the correct result - thanks google for putting it in the top 10 - but it's the misses, the curious misses. How, what, why... Google had to be this good for me to love surfing paradoxically and ironically.