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Race, why small things count

I agree in a box that the baby and the bathwater belong in the same place. However! I like to think about the politics of race like an actual relationship - if your partner is annoyed by your ticking watch on the bedside table, wouldn't you put it in the drawer. Why make unnecessary conflict? #RhodesMustFall

When we put the watch in the drawer in a relationship, and we clean the coffee stain, and we fold the socks, and we make tea for two, and we chatter together when we come home for work - our partner is more inclined to make coffee for two. Coffee.

I hate going to exhibition openings. So pale. No chatter. I have been to uSpace, I made a mistake there, it was graciously ignored because I made the effort, I will be better next time.

On posting a VIDEO of sexism - man freaking out at breast-feeding woman

Actually that always happens when you post this sort of thing. It's the standard defence. So once I posted another one of them - where a woman staged it - TRUE - and many women stage these experiments over and over and over in many countries and get the same kind of thing on video. Then ONE man comes along - NOT the specific video I posted - and stages him staging the woman staging it and men get to say for the rest of time that our experience is invalid.

Look at the content and match it to your experience in the world. Because I get around a lot. I was the ddmbbaw. I've been around. It matches my experience. That's how come I checked and double checked the original source of the first one I ever posted - because I was trolled and my uterus was to be sliced out and dangled over my raped and mutilated mouth.

I do think that independent women get harassed by men who don't want their delicate sensibilities challenged. The rules of the patriarchy must be slavishly follow…