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To-Do lists

The normal list-making that I do goes like this.

• think of something
• get out iPhone and send myself an email
• first word of subject - Task.
e.g. Task. Get tickets at Computicket for Pandora

I filter my emails that 'Task' gets a favorite star and a Tag (label) called Task. I can then easily see what the tasks are. I can also search for Task and it will show me all my emails that begin with the word Task, and I sort that list by date. As soon as I have done the Task, I simply take off the favorite star and Archive and it archives to the folder Task. Then I can even look and see what I have already done. That feels good!

This way I can see how many Tasks I have on hand. I can see that there are 29 Tasks in my inbox - 30 is my limit. When I hit 30, I take two hours each day and kill them. Thwack!

Then there are the long-term tasks, e.g. LT Task. Website idea for jobless people. "LT"…

Advice from Alice Walker about a first next step

I advise that every one of you in this room, call up 7 or 11 of your smartest, staunchest, and most thoughtful friends. And that you create a circle that meets at least once a month in each other’s homes. There, in the safety and privacy of that sacred place, enter thoroughly into dialogue about what you wish for and will work for in your country [applause]. There need not be a specific agenda; in fact it will work better if there is not. What I have found, especially with women’s groups, is that when a certain number of women get together; leaving all agendas outside the door, whatever is most urgent gets addressed anyway.

Source: 11th Annual Steve Biko Lecture by Alice Walker