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TED: Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

Reputation is the measurement of how much a network trusts you. As the reputation goes up the more tasks you get and the more you can charge. As we move digitally we leave a reputation trail.

Let's make our reputation travel with us from site to site. But one score is not nuanced enough to really reflect us.

Influence is not the same as reputation - that people like us does not reflect on whether or not we can do tasks. So how do we collect reputation data.

Realtime stream of who has trusted me or responded to a task I have done. My reputation capital dashboard will be checked by others, like Linkedin. TrustCloud, ConnectMe. Your intentions, capabilities and values. It can create an influence positive disruption in who has power, influence and trust, taking power from the current powerholders. We are limited because our reputation currently cannot be measured or seen in relation to the celebrity power holders. Makes co…

South African Referendum 1992

If You've Ever Heard Someone Unjustly Talk About Reverse Racism You Have To See This South African's Response

This white woman is an idiot. But I do think this is a very ungenerous representation of what happened in the referendum. Politics is a process, history is a process. I don't think 'whites ended apartheid'. That would gloss over the many lives of many black activists changed, ruined and taken, not to mention the lives of the few white anti-apartheid activists here, and the many many many activists of all colors everywhere around the world that acted against apartheid. Thank you. You made it happen. ONE of the things that happened was the referendum. The referendum asked "Do you want to end apartheid?". 76% of white people (those who had the political power TO END APARTHEID) in South Africa said that they didn't want it. I t…

Robert changed my voice

Tanya: #NSFTS ~ Not Safe For The Sensitive. #Feminism ~ #WhitePrivilege is like #MalePrivilege. Men don't condemn machismo in all its forms because there are so many benefits for them. A shaven pussy, a shaven leg, a domestic servant, a trophy for hunting. They make no effort to hear #WhenWomenSpeak. They make no effort to entertain the voice of feminism. Instead they watch their pals rape, abuse and call women whores. White Privilege is the same, they don't take the time to hear, to listen, to envelope what they hear and try to change themselves to set a standard for their ivory towers.
Robert: There are better ways of saying this: There are men who don't condemn machismo in all its forms because there are so many benefits for them. A shaven pussy, a shaven leg, a domestic servant, a trophy for hunting. These men make no effort to hear #WhenWomenSpeak. They make no effort to entertain the voice of feminism. Instead they watch their pals rape, abuse and call women whores…

TED Let's treat violence like a contagious disease - Gary Slutkin

• violence interruptors - workers from same group, trained, cool them down, talk reason, buying time • outreach workers - keep people in the program, on therapy for 6-24 months focusing on behaviour change • changing norms - community activities • Chicago project dropped violence 67%, this has worked 20 times between 30% and 70% drop in violence. • criticism 

Homophobists - How they hate

I agree with the part that suggests, but doesn't state clearly, that it's the 'receiving' male homosexual that is reviled - because he 'becomes the woman'. Homophobists are not-coincidentally also sexists, and I would venture, racists. These kinds of ignorances clump together, have an affinity for one another. To disguise their disgust at the head of the food chain 'acting like a woman' (their most reviled caste member being 'a woman') they expand and justify their bigotry to the 'delivering' man and the women that reflect that pair, the lesbians. And then, to justify their bigotry further... let me go no further, I have been riled up recently by someone demonstrating this point I am making, and I may be ready to blow a fuse.
On another note, homophobists use their hatred of gays to establish their 'not-belonging' to the gay group. They parade their heterosexuality so that no one can mistakenly place them in that group. They build…

When people defend posting pics of hurt-by-human animals

And you need to tell us HOW to stop this. The sites that have the actions have the pictures so we will never know what to DO. So - It's more effective to give us a task. Don't post a picture of an animal hurt by firecrackers, report the person, open a dog shelter for the evening if you have a suitable yard, donate to a NAMED anti-firecracker organization, provide a complete list of Ward Representatives email addresses we can write to, organise a rally/lobby/toyitoyi/picket we can attend, tell us where we can volunteer the day after, tell us what calming things to do, organise a posse for the next day with a suitable car to find wandering animals, organise a posse with no animals to trawl for monsters and report them to the police, take pictures of the perpetrators cars and give them to the police, stage a sitin at the police station to demand that all cars on site are used to find perpetrators, take the police doughnuts for a year to extort a promise of help, tell us how to tr…


Derailment can happen on all the 'sides' of a discussion, the hard part is facilitating forward motion and 'keeping it clean', i.e. keeping the derailers voiced, fair and not vitriolic. Now we need to turn derailers into some form of ally because derailers become the 'face' of the group.
On another comment stream: #Race ~ #Feminism. #Separatism. #Apartheid. Mary Daly got fired for teaching derailers in separate spaces, sadly, but I always understood why she did it, empathized. I'm in the camp of "white people should shut the fuck up" as a general rule (รก la Samantha Vice and Gillian Schutte), except when we are talking to our fellow white people. I don't get it right all the time, but I want to. 
On another comment stream: Perhaps by claiming a white space they are acknowledging that white women think feminism is 'good for' black women... CONDESCENDING... And they are acknowledging t…