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TED: Atul Gawande: How do we heal medicine?

Systems have certain skills

mechanisms to find problemsmechanisms to solve problemschecklists, with pause points, reminder of the key things that get forgottenthe ability to implement - the part where you get people to adopt the method, difficult because it forces a confrontation with our issueswe must accept that we are all part of pit-crews

Vagina Monologues

I told Eve Ensler my famous Vagina Monologues anecdote, and she asked me to post it to One Billion Rising and Gillian Schutte asked me to repost it to V-Day.

My Vagina Monologue anecdote I have ordered many things from Amazon, and always got everything I ordered... except one thing, Eve Ensler's "Vagina Monologues". I guess they are stealing it at the post office thinking it's porn. There's something delicious about the idea of someone sitting down for a lascivious session exploiting women and getting a big fat dose of feminism. I keep ordering it, over and over, and am still waiting to actually get it. Delicious.

Quiche (vegetarian)

Butter a small ovendishMix 2 eggs, 50ml milk, 50g cornflour, 50g feta, 50g yoghurtAdd extras, example cherry tomatoes, spinach, asparagus25 mins @ 180°

Marrow marinara (vegetarian)

Oil, crumbs, parmesan, seasoningDip lightly microwaved marrow coins into mixtureLayer with marinara into baking dish20 mins @ 200°

When to speak up

SPEAKif your silence can be damaging, especially if others are being damagedif you have a clear desired outcomeif you can clearly identify the behavior you want changedif you find you keep having to explain yourself over and over, you're not doing it rightyou have nothing to lose SILENT revengepersonality based comment - you're selfishif you haven't considered what you have done in the situation Source: Susan Fee, Jill Johnson

Red lentil curry (vegetarian)

Chopped onions and mushroomsDiced potatoesAdd ginger, garlic, chilli spices, balsamic vinegarAdd canned tomato, spinachSimmer for 45 mins

Potato Rosti (vegetarian)

Grate potatoes, squeeze them out in a dishclothOil a pan, pat in the potatoesOn medium heat, turn the potato over and overOn high heat, brownGarnish with cheese sprinkles, chives, parsley, egg

TED: Lessons from Death Row inmates (David R. Dow)

David R. Dow says that violence at home breeds violence on the streets. My comment: This is a tough one. With the pace of change, parents who aren't keeping up feel that they have become useless and burdens to their kids. Parents feel that they have to pander to their children's desires in order to maintain the relationship. Parents have lost their confidence among the criticisms of how they bring up their kids and the minutiae of 'correct' breast-feeding. Their self-deprecation leads to self-loathing and violence. The globalization of knowledge has brought with it judgementalism, people looking over their neighbour's walls figuratively through the TV and other media. When accused, people act aggressively. And women... Women are so much more likely to not passively accept their husband's violence. Violence breeds more violence. The whole structure of the family needs to change to accommodate. And that's scary. I believe Dan has the answer.

Eggless corn frittery pancakes (vegetarian)

Cup of a mixure of rice flour and corn flourCorn, chives, garlic, coriander, onions, any vegetablesMix with water