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Facebook UI ideas

Facebook becoming an impersonal badly-crafted article-sharing platform: One of the contributors to this problem is that when you want to share a person's comment about an article, you can't. You press Share but it shares the article and not the original comment your friend wrote, to which you might then - if Facebook had thought this through - be able to add a response to their comment - say in a box of another color. And so would start a Sharing Orgy, each comment in alternating color so that you have a banded conversation - or if three people or more join in the sharing, that each voice is color coded so that you can follow the construction of an argument by a particular person. Thereby promoting the argument-building skills of people in the world. AND if someone's comment is not helpful, not responsive, not collaborative (gets UnLikes), their color gets darker and darker, until their words are obscured and happen in their own dark room echoing in their self-created trol…