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Socialist notions of sharing wealth

If you are very wealthy, the poor will target you. Whereas if you give up some of your wealth to help them, you protect yourself, because fewer people will be targeting you. So we need a society where the people are more or less all middle class. Once there, we can all move forward. Now, the poor are siphoning off the rich and the rich are running to stand still.

How to you make time?

When you look at your life you will see what it is that you love doing. Rather do what you love doing, do it well, make money to pay others to do what you don't want to do, but they have a passion for.

Pro-gay heterosexuals - they do exist

Somehow Dan Savage always puts a "d-uhh" spin on everything. I love the way his mind works, it tends to the obvious, whereas the rest of us try to make things so complicated.

Dan Savage, editor of The Stranger, a Seattle alternative newspaper, argues it would be good for the district to send someone who is not gay to the Legislature. "When a district with a powerful gay bloc sends a pro-gay heterosexual to the Legislature, that makes a statement to the other heterosexual legislators about the possibility of being a pro-gay straight legislator," said Savage.

Source: The Seattle Times

Zanele Muholi Exhibition

Subject: Zanele Muholi Exhibition
From: Fetsiboomsticks

What: Only Half the Picture by Zanele Muholi
Where: Market Theatre Photographic Workshop, 2nd President Street, Newtown (About two blocks from the Market Theatre, across the big parking lot away from the Theatre and the Nelson Mandela Bridge, not that next block, the next one, about in the middle of the block you will see large metal gates that have images welded into the metal) then you can park in there and the Workshop is to your left up a tiny little set of stairs, ring the bell and you will be let in).
Why: Lesbian/women/feminist images
Where: Market Theatre Photographic Workshop, for viewing details call 011-630-4460.
When: Until 10 September 2006, I think.
How much: Entrance if free, but there is a book of the exhbition, that I had to get into car, go all the way to vaguely safe ATM, draw money, walk, pay attendant (who didn't believe I would be back again), walk, back in car, drive back, buy book - it's R200, i.e. I had…

Don't abuse Google, and don't forget they are a private company

There are those of us that approve of the death penalty for use as a deterrent to the abuse that conscienceless people perpetrate against those who are innocent, AND that make people suspicious of those of us just trying to work hard and get the job done efficiently, while maintaining integrity.

An argument can be made to liken Google to the Death Penalty. If you try and abuse the search engine optimisation process, by hiding links on your page, using noscript tags or whatever, Google will ban your URL off its search engine. Your URL is like your physical body ~ killing your URL is killing your webpresence ~ death.

In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey explains this principle ~ you set up a clear outline of what behaviour will get approval (rewards) and then you knows exactly when (the other) has fallen short. Google says ~ have great information on your site, write articles, be informative, be interesting, be fun; then people will link to you; then Google will…

Monkey maybe do - ideas that don't make sense, stand out

Get it?

He puts "Ask me about the monkey" on his business card and then waits for you to ask him about the monkey. Then he simply points out that he practices hypnotic selling and he just got you to do what he wanted. By asking you something rediculous it stops your brain in its tracks. The question makes you pause. The question makes you focus on HIM (founder Joe Vitale).

The Japanese practice this "hypnotic confusion". English phrases on Japanese products are bizarre. A tube of toothpaste might say, "Green days you not sing". A box of cookies might say, "Wood above fish".

Preventing copyright abuse by the ignorant innocent

Discussion on 702:
• Make consumers unsure of whether they are getting what they pay for. Distribute DVD movies to the sellers of pirated movies that half way through a screen comes up and says that its a pirated version and that the small amount of money consumers have paid for the DVD has been donated to a fund to return money to the artists. And don't give the consumers the end of the movie.
• Usury punished. Consumers can buy local artists through the internet for cheaper than in a local shop. Consumers feel cheated and justify their copyright infringements.