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Why happy couples cheat

Esther Perel, Affairs in the digital age are a death by a thousand cuts. (Speaking of digital tracking of your lover’s affair.
Not leaving, in an era when you can leave, is the new shame.
We used to leave because we had to leave, now we leave because we could be happier.
“Cheating” in the digital age by Esther Perel #TEDTalks @fakedansavage. Even happy people cheat to feel alive, “is there more”?
Esther Perel, That you can never have your lover is a desire machine, keeps you wanting. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When we are doing what we shouldn’t do, we feel like we are doing what we want to. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When exposed, couples have discussions they haven’t had in decades, rekindles desire with truth. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, Remorse for hurting the partner, but not for the affair. #TEDTalks
Esther Perel, When you stay: Your first marriage is over, do you want to start another one. #TEDTalks
Source: Why happy couples cheat - Esther Perel