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GLBTQI conversation about Jon Qwelane, some notes

23 peopleCentre for Conscious Leadershipstructure: introduce everyone, introduce organization
what makes us proud, excited, fearful to meet each otherexcited: connection, part of queer community, possibilityfear: challenged by others, revealing, reports to be made, names to be revealed, white space (not very black) deep democracy: process of large group, diversity - careful of minorities, introduction to roles in groups, you can change roles during talk, not just a personal view. Hotspots - the facilitators will deheat-support for safety.Zuma said he would hit a gay manQwelane's blog taken off Media 24 and being watched at workneed a queer media forum, media is at talkQwelane should be challenged by his peersneed a reaction to hate crime, not just reaction to articlethe voice of dead gays, they live in a world where survival is more important than Qwelane's wordsdo we want an apologyis Qwelane's the majority viewblase about homophobia, don't read it because they don'…

Facebook Weekly Enquiry - What or who do you depend on?

Facebook Weekly Enquiry: What or who do you depend on? ...if you don't mind me asking.

My computer and my DSTV and my video machine.

The people part is more interesting in terms of Goodness, me-to-me - how do I think? Hmm, I think I am very self-reliant. I ask people to do stuff, but if they don't I immediately swop over to You Do it Tanya. And I don't often feel like It's Their Job. OK OK, wait, I do rely on people for love. Loving myself definitely doesn't do the trick, I can tell you. [she exits <> ponderously]