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Muscle-ing is using muscles without actually pushing and shoving, defined

This weekend I had an experience with forced pleasantness. A man, using muscle-ing on a woman counter helper. Distracting her from helping me, flirting. And she tried to be polite but didn't look at him (to not encourage him, I imagine), she kept her eyes on me, she was helping me. But he persisted. That resulted in me mouthing off. I let him know in no uncertain terms that he must wait his turn and that he was making my turn take longer, wrestling control of my turn from me. Still he resisted, he cannot be wrong. I told him that he's the kind of guy that goes home and beats up his wife because she can never control her little bit of space. He asked my why I was over-reacting, I screamed "Over-reacting, who gets to decide what level is normal, am I supposed to just passively have no reaction to your rudeness?" My parting shot was that he is just like all men, ugly and stupid. He was muscle-ing both me and the counter helper, taking over the situation. We were expected to drop everything we were doing, acknowledge how unimportant it was to do such a menial thing in his presence and turn to him and worship the little thing. Of course, my explanation is sans the salty language that I used in real life.
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Poem: I have biracial hair by Zora Howard

See the performance on YouTube

I have bi-racial hair
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I’m talking about those, slave naps, like,
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I realize people don't have any real idea what bullying is. So I prepared this piece below.


Asserting your point of view is not bullying. Assertiveness does not mean you will get what you want. It simply helps each party express their desires with an INTENT toward accomplishing a specific goal.


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