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Protesting corporate mind control

Note I didn't send to the corporate owners of the place I
work for, for fear of reprisal. Sad, really sad.

I believe this page was blocked in error because:
Dan Savage is an advice columnist. The content of his columns includes, granted, fetishism, note 'includes', as opposed to 'solely consists of how-to's'. Dan Savage's advice is sane and safety oriented. You should be glad that students would be looking up how-to do things safely, both in terms of the things they do and with whom. I can assure you that it would be unlikely for students to be sitting masturbating over Dan Savage's sane advice. Dan tells it like it is:

“With all due respect, Glen, fuck your complex underlying factors--and don’t change the subject. I wanna talk about gay men who infect other gay men with HIV. Like a lot of HIV-positive guys, you would no doubt prefer to discuss HIV-negative gay men who take foolish risks... HIV infection rates among gay men continue to rise despite the millions of dollars spent every year on blame- and shame-free HIV prevention campaigns. I’m not advocating fear-based prevention campaigns, Glen, but truth-based campaigns: HIV-negative guys who take stupid risks and get themselves infected have only themselves to blame; HIV-positive guys who infect other gay men ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

Of course, this is your machine, you have the power to decide. I will bow to your authority. But just so that you know how ineffective your bot is, I have been reading this archive of Dan Savage’s work for roughly 7 hours, in two separate sessions with a two-day interval, before your bot kicked into action. So, you are not really managing to ‘protect’ the not-underage adults on campus anyway.

An educational institution is there to 'teach', which is not ‘rear’. To my mind you have treated these students as children; and you are not in the business of child-rearing.

PS: I felt I had to lodge my complaint because I believe there is no real or effective way to control minds without using techniques disapproved of by the Geneva Convention.
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