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Should free speech include racist speech? Fine line to incite?

Epsilon, my opinion is - free speech no matter what.

I believe birds of a feather stick together and we can see each others feathers better if they are loud and bright and gleam. So if the Sunday Independent or whatwhat publishes something that I find distasteful, I vote with my feet. If you don’t like the TV programme, turn the TV to another channel, or off. If you don’t like the newspaper, don’t buy it.

In a way I prefer if the racist, fascist pigs should speak their minds, that way debate is stimulated, it gives children the opportunity to see their parents responses, adults another opportunity for debate. Talk, Talk, and more talk. Talk day, talk night.

IT’S THE VIOLENCE THAT IS WRONG, NOT THE TALKING. Focus on where the actual problem lies.

The media are the poor bastards through which we talk, and then we screech at them when they don’t say what we want to say. But for the last 3 billion years they said what we wanted to say, but today NOT. How will they guess what day is what? We the people can’t have it both ways. We want our right to speak but we want to stand guard at the mouths of others. FUCK THAT.

Feathers hidden by Politeness and Political Correctness just waste my time. WideBerth that told the racist joke at that party would have not told that disgusting joke, and I would have befriended her, wasting my time. Instead she ditched the Politeness and the Political Correctness, told the joke and I stood up and said to her, “I’m sorry, but I have to leave, this disgusting racism makes me sick”, and off I went. I feel great. I had the opportunity to live by what I believe, say what I think, TALK. She feels great, she had the opportunity to live by what she believes, say what she thought, TALK. All is well.




Violence is the bad-y. And people - grown-ups, adults - are responsible for their BEHAVIOUR.

By logic that focuses on censoring the speech - one would say that women are not allowed to walk around naked after 22h00 or risk rape. I say FUCK THAT - men must control themselves - or we would be at their mercy for whatever they think is rapeworthy - e.g. showing ones hair, mouth, foot, shape. I apply the same ‘logic’ to this whole issue - control yourself MR Muslim - control yourself MR Christian. GROW THE FUCK UP.
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