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A friend explains the way I watch movies, like Brokeback Mountain

A friend wrote:
We have problem there. The way we watch movies (you and me) is very much the same way in which we approach new social situations. With anything new, you (Fetsiboomsticks) zone in on particular details / people, attach, interact. Your commitment to the interaction causes you to have to sacrifice some of the details and facts, no one can be everywhere at once. You walk away with a good idea of the all over 'vibe' that was present at the time and what views who held and what their interests were, those that got your attention anyway. But all the background noise and activity slipped by unnoticed.

Me, new people, I withdraw, look on from the distance, expend no energy on the interaction, so there is quite a substantial bit of energy left to employ peripheral vision along with the normal absorption of details. I see who talks to who, where they're standing, who they're comfortable talking to, what they're drinking, who's hiding by omitting, who's hiding by being loud. The whole group is like one organism. I walk away knowing who I like but with no idea what their views are on anything, although I would probably be able to guess.

So, if you want to know the details, you'll have to watch a second time, the first time you're focused on making some kind of connection.

Me, have to watch second time to actually hear what the dialogue is all about. The connection and 'feel' about the movie more often than not comes after I've assimilated and processed the facts.

Makes sense, ja / nee?

I replied:
An interesting notion. Not like I (Fetsiboomsticks) would have put it at all. And I am not sure if it is because I am feeling defensive or if it's real.

... I pick up all those things in an interaction, the ones you pick up. But I DECIDE to let people tell me what they want to tell me. In the olden days it was a matter of pride with me to set them up, manipulatively if needs be, to reveal what I wanted revealed. And I always knew from the first minute what was to be revealed.

... you know - Peeling.

I could suck a piece of barley and make it last the whole day.

... more if it was deliciously enticing enough.

But, like Peeling, I haven't got a clue what the fuck the white dolls are for...

I think the difference between you and I lies in continuity.

I live in the moment, every moment reveals to me, every second is a new, exciting, extraordinary moment. But in the excitement of the moment I forget the moment before. I am looking forward, and what passes, passes, it's gone. I have to turn and look at it if I want to remember it, but I cannot drag myself away from what is in forward, afraid that I will miss something.

You live in all times. I think you do what I do with forward, but you can do behind too. It doesn't exit you. You can replay it in any moment.

Makes sense, ja / nee?
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