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Transgender, some comments

Anonymous: I read an amazing article a week or so ago, about why civilized humans resist that which is the other eg animals, gay people, people of different faiths, disabled people and how this is completely contrary to evolutionary principles, because diversity actually benefits evolutionary progress.

Anonymous: everyone is full of shit. Some more than others it's such a complex thing; sex is part of that very deep core of the brain; it does not exist in the cortex with logical thinking; just as people dont have control over; what they find sexy, neither do they; have control over the emotions they; feel over differences. maybe a bit like religion; maybe people's sexuality is so closely linked to their identity and self worth that when they see someone doing something that they cannot identify they feel as though their own sexuality is being violated? BUT sexuality, altough important, is only one facet of our existence. I dont know why people make such a big deal of it. Attack as challenge to rethink our own existence. I think that people are being make more aware of other sexualities these days and the resistance is not as bad as it used to be. People at that level will do anything in their power to destroy the competition. 

Anonymous: you get "superwomen" and "supermen" with Xs and Ys mixed up - usually they can't have babies; most modern gender research operates with 2 kinds of gender; a socially constructed gender (the gender you feel you are) and a physical gender (whether you're XX or XY; anyways i think there might be a small problem because they tend to be stronger than other people; i don't know if the difference is so great that it gives them unfair advantages; either it's a case of sports fanatism becaue people are afraid that "their" team have disadvantages and that is something that always piss people off or it's something more sinister like homophobia only directed towards this other-gender-ism; i do think some south africans are very opposed to anything that's different just because it's different, i'm thinking of the xenophobic attacks too

Anonymous: Donna Haraway's cyborg manifesto and its feminist implications). big thing I think is that non-conformity seeks a level playing field (negating dualistic boundaries like man/woman). when these old boundaries becomes blurred, it feels (to some) as if the structures through which we define ourselves and our relationships to other (especially between the sexes) fall apart, confusing us. and humans just don't like that. binary oppositions are created because they make people feel safe: if the world is ordered a certain, we know what to expect and how to deal with certian situations. when that is challenged, we don't know how to "correctly" deal with obstacles; seeks a level playing field, but implies that it is becoming imminent; i think haraway is a little utopian. its beautiful nontheless; people (or most of them) are inherently conservative in the sense that they don't like invasions into their comfort zones.

Anonymous: the story of Adam and Eve provides a narrative that tries to explain visible norms of interaction rather than the varieties of experience, so the story of variety within nature is not the same story as variety within specifically human nature. in nature the variety, whether intergender or intragender and the whole fluid range inbetween is still geared towards procreation and/or parenthood in humans that is expressed by the binary phenotypes, accurately or inaccurately;  the issue is not whether we know there is variety in nature, but how that variety is expressed. by morals for instance. but you're right, people fear a slippery slope; people are afraid what a redefinition of family or marriage will lead to morally, because morals depend on clearly defined relationships. "incest" depends on a clear distinction between family and not family. bestiality on a clear destinction between human and animal; otherwise it's just "sex" - neutral and outside morality - I think people confuse the moral question mark with the gender equation; we will need more people who are able to consider a morality outside the current box, one that protects what should be protected and keeps out the bad stuff; if people didn's have sex with animals or eat their blood (desert religion 101) there would have been no AIDS; now someone comes with the argument that chimps are 99,9% human genetically;  people are worried, angry, anxious. It was safer in Eden.


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