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NetProphet 2012

Took place in Cape Town, I listened online - which another listener called listening in morse code because it was so choppy. And it must have been from their side because a 10 MBps guy in England experienced the same thing. And I followed the #NetProphet hashtag on twitter. It was fabulous. I was almost there. Here are my jumble of notes


#NetProphet ~ #RichardHardiman
Richard Hardiman: Internet Radio in South Africa. Why it shouldn’t work
• a differentiation happens online
• consultants from overseas tell you how to do it
• focus on client, not the end user, the client is the advertiser
• Tim Bishop: Too many (Digital) Entrepreneurs= fragmentation of best brains into 1000s of small entities. We must #ENTREPRELABORATE
• working for yourself you mind the hours and small salaries less because you are passionate
• when you set out to do something different, people question it.
• Average time spent listening to 'normal' radio is 23 minutes but internet radio is getting 2 hours 28 minutes on average
• Cellphones will have uncapped, blackberry free, iphone pays
• When you think of something new, and everyone is against it.
• listening is device driven
• you won't look back if you start your own business
• regulation - ICASA doesn't govern them because it's infrastructure not used. no licensing requirement except samro. Low startup cost for Internet radio
• 70% listen at work on wifi - normal radio is before and after work
• Revolutionary markets unite upstarts.

#NetProphet ~ #EricEdelstein
3 x 3 Minute Power Slot featuring Eric Edelstein, Rory Berry and Elodie Kleynhaus
• getting people to crowdsource
• pivot - throw out your software and start from scratch, took it onto Facebook.
• SAfricans don't like to fail
• fail fast and make it better the next time round

#NetProphet ~ #RoryBerry
• importance of Child's eyes
• children see the magic behind the ordinary object
• passions are fun
#NetProphet ~ #RoryBerry. Like children see the magic behind the ordinary object, play and evolve.

#NetProphet ~ #ElodieKleynhaus

#NetProphet ~ #RobGilmour
Silicon Cape Pitch London Announcement – Rob Gilmour

#NetProphet ~ #WalterPike
• marketing in the social era
• difference? They're doing the same thing and moving it to the digital. It's not the same.
• don't talk at people, reach is an old media redundant concept
• we should be spreading ideas, so they have to be good so people will spread them
• transportable ideas - tools to share, connections, networks, what roles does each element of the network play.

#NetProphet ~ #WesleyLynch
• developer
• investors are not the them to our us
• learn to sell, packaging is incorrectly packaged - investors know you can't package for your clients if you can't package for them
• investors are more optimistic about SA than we are, they are moving here, we must not risk not having a share of our own opportunity.

#NetProphet ~ #DonPackett
• we're living narcissism, and becoming antisocial in our social media environments
• Is your content adding more value to your life, or the life of others? If it's the former, don't press send!

#NetProphet ~ #RichMulholland
Do I need a topic?!
• Small efforts aimed at awareness are not enough, it's a start and creates a groundswell. That's the start of a platform for action.
• twibbons are for twankers
• Tuesday - avatars black to stand up for media freedom
• too easy to jump causes.
• Jumping causes is too easy these days, pick something and stick to it. Don't be an #avatard
• activism as marketing
• Rich Mulholland shouting out for #Activism instead of #Avatards and #Slacktivism.
• badassesesagainstavataractivism -
• #baaaa - Calls people to shoutout his hashtag... and then calls them sheep.
#NetProphet ~ #RichMulholland calls people to shoutout #baaaa hashtag... and then calls them sheep. #badassesesagainstavataractivism

#NetProphet ~ #QuestionGuy is a surprise development for organizers; is brought onto stage to answer questions. He's a good sport!
• What questions do you have for #questionguy, except 'What's your name?" -
• How do you feel about Julius Malema - encapsulates a cliché: "this is a shooting star"
• Who's going to be our next president? Not Zuma
• How does a netprophet celebrity feel about being one - surprised. How do you come up with the questions?  - playfullness, reacts to what he feels hasn't been covered by the speaker
• What do you do? IT, development, consulting, volunteers on a website

#NetProphet ~ #YusufRanderaRees: Entrepreneurship, South Africa Style!
• Yusuf Randera Rees is talking about the Awethu Project and how to make Gugulethu the next Silicon Valley
• If you never let people compete you can't write off their talent
•  social entrepreneurship SA style and what we can achieve if we invest in our own people.
• World Class inspiration is, new S'African style. Give all a chance.
• enables entrepreneurs who have no previous access to opportunities, has received funding to develop 1000 Entrepreneurs in the next 20 months.

#NetProphet ~ #ChrisRolfe: Rewarding the right behaviour in a mobile world
• tweetpause when you say something fab
• incentivising the behaviour of students is the domain of the parents
• want customers to spend that money on your product... consistently
• Types of reward: Financial, Product, Utility, Recognition, fun, entertainment, clubs
• TOOLS to change behaviour - incentives, vouchers, airtime (NB), ebucks, electricity
• Dan Pink - human behaviour, writer for Al Gore
• MIT - gave students tasks, incentivised performance with three levels of rewards
• rewards cost money
• need to know when to reward, when to shift the customer's behaviour
• customer aquisition cost
• paper can't be distributed, cash customers, can't track, not sustainable, 1% conversion
• reach of mobile fab
• you can engage with a customer without knowing who they are
• remobilise excess inventory
• how to make customers into evangelists, how to keep them
• Groupon is a method to watch
• rise of the sovereign consumer, consumers will reward the brands not brands rewarding consumers
• know how customers want to be rewarded
• SA mobile market is the medium, have coupons in an ewallet, email on the phone

#NetProphet ~ #RobynScott: Learnings from an African Native
• 20 chickens for a saddle (book), Co-Founder of OneLeap
• power of asymmetric connections
• Have to take yourself out your comfort zone
• value the connection - People have fears of having the door slammed in their face by high value connections.
• repersonlising online contact
• return on investment (ROI) - lunches and coffees are not expensive and increases the value because you are valuable
• The Internet has created a paradox where old boys networks have become new boy networks leaving ideas overlooked
• Oneleap - when you pay to send a connection, part of your payment goes to a charity.
• Paying for sending a message, makes you think about what you send
• Innovation is now outside in. Companies can't recreate that.
• Asserts that you should get ahead not based on who you know, but on merit
• who influenced your career and how did you meet them? Value your connections
• Scott a social entrepreneur
• Social Networking makes it easy to connect with similar people. But asymmetrical connections hold more potential.
• OneLeap allows outsiders in
• Limited for-profit, better resources to grow
• Go to investors who are users, who want to use your product
• Be bold, talk to people who may brush you away. The more no's you get the more likely a yes. Gamify your failures in the social networking game
• tell stories
• "people reacting with controversy to your business model is not necessarily a bad thing"

#NetProphet ~ #RichardMulholland: The power of the 3 Minute Message
• Always good value for time, @RichMulholland, especially when he's limited to 3 minutes. "The burden of brevity..."
• Packaging a message into a shorter period takes more work than talking for longer
• challenges every speaker to say their say and get off
• Say it well and get off the stage!

#NetProphet ~ #ArthurGoldstuck's tweetnote address - a presentation in 10 tweets - all 10, the full address @
During the Net Prophet conference in Cape Town today, ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK delivered a tweetnote address - a presentation in 10 tweets - revealing the headline findings of the Internet Access in South Africa 2012 study.
• For details of the tie-in of this tweetnote presentation with the Net Prophet conference, see:
• #Net2012 Tweetnote presentation of Internet Access in SA 2012 headline findings starts 10.35am during #NetProphet
• The following is a tweetnote presentation – 10 tweets on the same topic – on the Internet Access in SA 2012 study. #Net2012 #NetProphet
• 1. #Net2012 unveils headline findings of Internet Access in SA 2012 study. World Wide Worx report due June. #NetProphet
• 2. #Net2012 uses multiple methodologies: primary research, interviews with providers, market intelligence. #NetProphet
• 3. #Net2012 first headline finding: there were 8.5-million Internet users in South Africa at the end of 2012. #NetProphet
• 4. #Net2012 found 2011 growth in SA user base was 25%, following 28% in 2010. Internet has awoken in SA. #NetProphet
• 5. #Net2012: 6,02-million access on computer, laptop, tablet. 90% of these also on cell. 2.48m only on cell. #NetProphet
• 6. #Net2012: Total of 7,9 million South Africans access the Internet on their cell phones. #NetProphet
• 7. #Net2012:  Number of 3G users in South Africa: 5,5m. Smartphone base end of 2011: 8.5m. Forecast 2012: 11m. #NetProphet
• 8. #Net2012: Undersea cable capacity to SA at end of 2011: 2,69Gbps. End 2012: 11,9Gbps. End 2013: 24,6Gbps. #NetProphet
• 9. #Net2012 ADSL lines in use in South Africa: 820 000. 2011 growth: 13% . Limited by Telkom as sole supplier. #NetProphet
• 10. #Net 2012: Internet growth in 2012: expect 20%, taking user base past 10m mark and 20% penetration. #NetProphet

#NetProphet ~ #DanBowyer: 604k ought to be enough
• You need 5 things in business - idea, cash, skills/people with skills, timing and luck
• South Africa has a great opportunity
• puts pics on a timeline that ticks over to remind him to talk about stuff.
• passion - be passionate about the stuff around the thing you sell, not the thing you sell.
• Define your unique ability and just do that
• technologies of the future - global and South African - stupid economy based on the growth of resources - change. People with money must be bad in SA - change. Governments whose only real mandate is to be re-elected - change. Online video - change and have more of that. Out mouse, in voice - change. Ubiquitous wifi. Cloud. Mindcontrol data as I need it. Babelfish. Self-healing hard and software. Virtual hologram instead of meeting. Nanotechnology. Robots. Teletransporter. Cleantech.
• South Africa - context - education is the medium where change will happen. Energy - wind solar tidal - renewable. Manufacturing - don't send resources out, make stuff here. Education - systems and processes we develop we can shift to other countries. Technological - great people resources
• cheaper better different

#NetProphet ~ #SylviaGruber
Sylvia Gruber: Seven Start-up sins
• introduction, name and company
• introduction to overview of lecture
• rubybox - monthly beauty box subscription.
1. Saving on the wrong things. Include your time cost as money-saving area. Don't cut costs on the core of your business.
2: Changing too much at once, don't underestimate your competitors
3. Hiding and keeping things from customers. Come to terms with it and face head on.
4: Panicking
5. Don't undervalue the power of your brand. People are loyal and will defend you.
6. Don't think your product is a static entity, listen to your consumer
7: Getting side-tracked
8. Bonus sin: don't try to be too perfect, you can always keep doing it better. Compare yourself to water, not Pepsi.
• invest in your team, operational people must be really well trained and they will grow
• managers should spend 50% of their time training their people.
• you'll get stuck when perfecting, rather spend time on operational matters
• you don't need a lot of money to cut through the advertising noise in SouthAfrica
• don't spend time looking for money, spend money on proving your model
• Launch with one business entity that doesn't cost too much, prove that model then expand

#NetProphet ~ #ChristoDavel. Play must be cultivated in our culture, it's how we develop and think.
#NetProphet ~ #ChristoDavel
Christo Davel: Obsession isn’t always a bad thing
• does a stunt about how people will pay more than R200 for a R200 note, says that's what we do routinely
• all about people and culture
• How do you create an unbelievable customer experience?
• Christo Davel talks about the idealist's view of the internet - Cluetrain Manifesto
• creating enchantment in life
• 20twenty staff had carte blanche on how to keep customer happy
• all the established banks opened online banks and 20twenty died in 6 months
• Wired warriors empowered to do anything to make a customer happy! WOW, what a lesson for all call centres out there!
• curatorship
• customers started talking to each other and supporting each other. Some 20twenty customers wanted to deposit their money while other banks were being emptied.
• 'People don't celebrate faliure enough. In innovation, there will be failure'.
• Thomas Edison had more that 2,000 international patents including for the tattoo machine
• ideas are not the killer app - hard work, sweat is
• opposite of courage is compromise
• play must be cultivated in our culture, it's how we think and develop
• "We would rather fail in pursuit of magnificence than succeed in pursuit of mediocrity"
• Lots of ideas on internet. Being able to execute that idea and blow away user is what counts
• curatorship? advice? - not liquidation, something like under administration
• staff - be selective about your partners, it's life and business, work on the relationship
• banks with FNB
• think about why people do things, not how
• risk - there will be reasonable bugs when you launch so can't not charge across the board, but don't charge the individual customer if something went wrong specifically for them

#NetProphet ~ RT @ricegirl2. Gender sub-narrative here pissing me off. Someone called herself 'just a girl' to explain why she didn't know something. Gawd.

#NetProphet ~ #AdrianBush
Bursary Shout Out – Adrian Bush
R43000 for ipad3 and mealie cover - it think it's resistance to the apple advertising opp

#NetProphet ~ #MotheoMoleko. Keep iterating
#NetProphet ~ #JeremyLoops & #MotheoMoleko
Jeremy Loops and Motheo Moleko: The metaphors of music in a digital age
• Keep iterating
• "The arts and sciences cannot live in vacuums. They need to interact"
• leave traces of your personality on everything you touch.
• don't afskeep small audiences

#NetProphet ~ #PermjotValia
Permjot Valia: One year in Cape Town: Still in love?
• one of top mentors in Europe
• learn to say thank you in many languages
• Midlife crisis - buy a mac, keynote presentations maker
• mentoring is something done for free
• consulting, coaching is charged
• trade mentoring for favors
• entrepreneur landscape negatives - think more global, think further than Africa; not enough capital and competition; need more diversity; learn how to pitch and simplify
• says Jenny McKinnel really wants to help the ecosystem
• Try to be effective not famous.
• Seek external validation, just because your friends think your business idea is good, doesn't mean it is
• Crowdfunding is good for creative stuff, but sophisticated funding with discipline, structure, strategy and support needed for startups.
• let the people who are good get on with it
• "The fact that you're African is irrelevant - what matters is, do u have a solution that meets global needs?"
• Entrepreneurship is the best defense of democracy

I sent to Jenny McKinnel:
@JennyatCITI ~ Nice shoutout from #PermjotValia at #NetProphet. Kudos.
Greater Good SA retweeted:
GreaterGood SA (@GreaterGoodSA) retweeted one of your Tweets!
#NetProphet ~ #SylviaGruber. Managers should spend 50% of their time training their people.

• Snapplify made the app
• digital brochure
• presentations are calls to action
• #NetProphet being spammed, use tweetfilter for Chrome
• complimentary wifi
• introduce yourself when making a comment or question
• UStream Producer (Free) - stream audio, video
• - Robyn Scott
• Did Gates Really Say 640K is Enough For Anyone?
• What are Wired warriors?
• Play more Institute of Play:
• 22Seven -
• looking at ad campaigns for 20twenty and 22seven

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