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Lali Sher requests submissions of poems or short stories for publication in South Africa

Would you like to tell your story? We are looking for poems, short stories, fragments. Choose from a list of themes on the following pages. A book will be published. Written by South African Women. Let the themes below be a guideline. Send in your stories to:

On the edge
6 Degrees of connection. Synchronicity. Transformation Soul-hunger. Healing relationships. Separation. Extreme. Betrayed. Exile. Danger. Shape Shifter. Medicine woman.

Living your myth
He remains all his life a child. Finding Honeycomb. Love Potion. Ceremony and Ritual. Rites of Passage. Symbols of yourdream. The still small voice. Intimacy. The First Time. Raging Bull. What the bleep do we know? The Unconceived. Essence. Heartspace. Your legacy. The Sweetness of Silence.

Walking the labyrinth. Slow Tango. The Stamp of Anger. Where in your life did you stop dancing? Dance of life. Mitake uye osin - we are all related. Eve? Eve Cohen? Guardians of the culture. The Zen of Synchronicity. Taking a Stand. Walking the Mystical path with Practical Feet. Angeles Arrien. What's a foot? Voort se Ek. The next step. If you can see the footprints ahead of you, this is not your path - you haven¹t walked yours yet - Joseph Campbell. Stepping into the void. Barefoot doctor. Hitchhikers. Intoxicating rhythms. Grounding. Finding your feet. Barefoot and pregnant. Off balance. Stalking wildcats.

Soul food
Recipes. Cheesecake. Kitchen wisdom. Aphrodisiacs. Better than chocolate. Coffee cliques.

Beyond enlightenment. Earthquake. Red water. Sundays. Saturday night. Honeymoon. In the moment. Second chance. Missed opportunity. All of it. Extreme games. Revenge. Desire. Release. Flow. Beyond 'fuck it'. I kiss the ground.

States of being
Grace. Orgasmic. Bliss. Angst. Ganja. Stoned. Smashed. Shock. Pushed over the edge. Insight. Unfinished. Leaving a trace. Mindfulness. Futility. Innocence. Tenderly. Chutzpah. Light. Babelas. Hectic. Zany. Grandmother Wisdom.

Magogo speaks
Legends of the Mothers. Toothless. Awaken. Medicine Woman. Drumbeat. 'Kunye' ­ it is one Wisdom of the herb .

Soul in your city
Wherever you live sing about soul. Jozi Jive.

'It was then that the eye was like the ear and the ear like the nose, and the nose like the mouth; for they were all one and the same. The mind was in rapture, the form dissolved, and the bones and flesh all thawed away; and I did not know how the frame supported itself and what the feet were treading upon. I gave myself away to the wind, eastward or westward, like leaves of a tree.' Lieh-tzu
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