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110 everyday experiments

Call yourself
Empty a word of its meaning
Look in vain for \I"
Make the world last twenty minutes
See the stars below you
See a landscape as a stretched canvas
Lose something and not know what
Recall where you were this morning
Hurt yourself briefly
Feel eternal
Telephone at random
Rediscover your room after a journey
Drink while urinating
Make a wall between your hands
Walk in the dark
Dream of all the places in the world
Peel an apple in your head
Imagine yourself high up
Imagine your imminent death
Try to measure existence
Count to a thousand
Dread the arrival of the bus
Run in a graveyard Play the fool
Watch a woman at her window
Invent lives for yourself
Look at people from a moving car
Follow the movement of ants
Eat a nameless substance
Watch dust in the sun
Resist tiredness
Play the animal
Contemplate a dead bird
Come across a childhood toy
Wait while doing nothing
Try not to think
Go to the hairdresser
Shower with your eyes closed
Sleep on your front in the sun
Go to the circus
Try on clothes
Light a fire in a hearth
Be aware of yourself speaking
Weep at the cinema
Meet up with friends after several years
Browse at the bookseller's
Become music
Pull out a hair
Walk in an imaginary forest
Demonstrate on your own
Stay in the hammock
Invent headlines
Listen to short-wave radio
Turn off the sound on the TV
Rediscover a childhood scene that seemed larger
Get used to eating something you don't like
Fast for a while
Rant for ten minutes
Drive through a forest
Give without thinking about it
Look for a blue food
Become a saint or sinner
Recover lost memories
Watch someone sleeping
Work on a holiday
Consider humanity to be an error
Inhabit the planet of small gestures
Disconnect the phone
Smile at a stranger
Enter the space of a painting
Leave the cinema in daytime
Plunge into cold water
Seek out immutable landscapes
Listen to a recording of your voice
Tell a stranger she is beautiful
Believe in the existence of a smell
Wake up without knowing where
Descend an interminable staircase
Swallow your emotion
Fix the ephemeral
Decorate a room
Laugh at an idea
Vanish at a pavement cafe
Row on a lake in your room
Prowl at night
Become attached to an object
Sing the praises of Santa Claus
Play with a child
Encounter pure chance
Recite the telephone directory on your knees
Think about what other people are doing
Practice make-believe everywhere
Kill people in your head
Take the subway without going anywhere
Remove your watch
Put up with a chatterbox
Clean up after the party
Find the in nitesimal caress

101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life (by Roger-Pol Droit)


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So I signed Avaaz's petition to ask Facebook to clean up their act or else I will delete. Wryly. I do believe that instead of saying, "But you Dumb Fucks (that's what Zuckerberg calls us, you can check, those are the actual words) signed our terms and conditions" that the focus shouldn't fall on the victim. "You wanted to get raped, you came to the bar." The onus, the responsibility lies on the powerful to behave better. There's never an onus to behave with honor, with respect, with humanity.


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Baby hair slicked back with that good 4 dollar pomade,
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