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TED Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue - Ellen Gustafson (2010)

  • she noticed that the hunger goes with insecurity and that the poorest nations of the world were also the most angry
  • looked into school feeding programs - gets kids to school and nourishes them
  • poverty and hunger leads to child malnurition versus education and nourished children leads to end of poverty
  • feedbag - each bag sold would schoolfeed a kid for year - 55 million kids fed for a year
  • what are you doing for Anericas kids - 49 million kids are hungry, one third are obese - a billion people around the world are obese
  • agriculture - consolidated farming - corn soy and wheat. But America doesn't export a good system and systems around the world are deteriorating. Farmers in America are fat, farmers elsewhere are starving
  • America's farming system has led to obesity, not to mention sodas
  • in the developing world is going to America's system and becoming obese
  • agriculture and obesity are one system, not separate
  • the 30 Project - long-term ideas for food system change, connects disparate organisations
  • ideas - organic food, easy access to vegetables, sustainable animal management, crazy tax processed foods
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